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A little puzzle for you ๐Ÿ˜„

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phoenix Thu 05-Nov-20 21:18:33

Yes, it's daft, and yet.......

NotTooOld Thu 05-Nov-20 21:39:26

grin I like that.

Grannybags Thu 05-Nov-20 21:41:28

Well it made me think! grin

phoenix Thu 05-Nov-20 21:44:04

Thank you, NotTooOld, it's been a bit "marmite" with some I've shared it with, some saying "I don't get it" and one of two asking "so what's the answer then?" confused

grandMattie Thu 05-Nov-20 21:46:04

Ha ha ha! Thanks for the giggle. ๐Ÿคญ

Charleygirl5 Thu 05-Nov-20 21:46:31

Sorry, it is way beyond my birdbrain.

petra Thu 05-Nov-20 21:49:50

Wonderful. Just about sums it up.

V3ra Thu 05-Nov-20 21:54:33

And it's not over yet... ๐Ÿ˜•

phoenix Thu 05-Nov-20 21:59:45

Charleygirl5, it's just a sort of surreal, random observation, the fact that it makes no sense is just what makes it sort of reflect the way things are, the Gov saying"stay in, eat out to help out, go to work if you can, but stay at home" etc.

Just silly really, but it made me smile!