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How have I only just discovered this animal?

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EthelTheTank Sun 08-Nov-20 01:49:56

I've just been shown this lovely looking little animal. They are called quokkas. I've never seen one in my life but they look so happy. I hope you don't mind I just felt like sharing it because it brought me so much joy.

Oopsminty Sun 08-Nov-20 01:52:16

Ah yes!

I only learned of their existence a couple of years ago. Fb had some posts about them!

Just delightful!

Jumblygran Sun 08-Nov-20 03:35:58

Made my day, thanks for sharing.

seacliff Sun 08-Nov-20 05:03:29

Makes me smile to look at it. My son in Australia has seen them, I think on Rottnest Island.

Casdon Sun 08-Nov-20 06:17:27

I’ve seen them a number of times on Rottnest Island which is off Perth in WA, the island was named after them because people thought they were a type of rat. It’s a stunningly beautiful place, and the quokkas are quite tame, they like human food so you have to avoid leaving anything on the table at the cafe when you’ve eaten.

Daisymae Sun 08-Nov-20 08:13:01

They are super cute. I don't suppose that they are actually laughing though. Bit like the dolphin 'smile'.

sodapop Sun 08-Nov-20 08:51:50

Made me smile too, I've never seen one before so cute.

ninathenana Sun 08-Nov-20 09:04:50

It was said on Last Leg that they are vicious little things despite their cute appearance. I'd never heard of them till I saw the programme recently.
Apparently they are notorious for "photo bombing" 🙂

EthelTheTank Sun 08-Nov-20 15:26:53

Aw they do look sweet.

NannyJan53 Sun 08-Nov-20 18:43:45

I had never heard of them until last year, when my Niece who is in Brisbane for 2 years sent a photo of her with a Quokka next to her. They are both smiling, it was so lovely,

Callistemon Sun 08-Nov-20 19:32:15

Yes, I have seen them, they were in a sanctuary in NQ, not in the wild.

Callistemon Sun 08-Nov-20 19:33:03

I should have got a selfie with one grin but it was probably before selfies became so fashionable.

Izabella Sun 08-Nov-20 19:36:00

Oh yes I met them in Tasmania. Lovely.