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Blind dates ?

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paddyanne Wed 11-Nov-20 22:05:52

Saw this on my daughters FB page ,its in her area but I thought it might work for many on here who dont have company whethere covid related or not .I think its a great idea.Could be done through any local group .

As the Covid restrictions are that we cannot meet in each others houses or in groups, but two people can meet in a café. We have decided to arrange a Blind Date for members, so we can get together and meet each other in a safe way that meets restrictions.
The idea is that if you are interested in meeting someone from the SWI group for a coffee you let us knows and we will match you with another member and arrange a mutually convenient time for you both to meet.
If you are interested in participating Phone xxxxx on her landline or mobile xxxxxx 0r xxx xxx.I think this could be helpful for some of the newly bereaved here too who aren't ready for socialising but one to one would be fine.

BlueBelle Wed 11-Nov-20 22:19:59

None of our cafes are allowed to be open but yes it might be a good idea for some when they are