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Good Evening Chewsday

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Rufus2 Tue 17-Nov-20 13:00:45

Hi! Chewsday again! My favourite menu this evening Cottage Pie!
That’s after chis and fips on Frydays of course!
Not a bad day to-day, warm, dry and finally no wind. Should’ve done my washing and not listened to the forecasters!

Anti-Covid stats still very good for Melbourne, but Adelaide now cause for concern with case numbers slowly climbing. Of course, with Christmas not yet being cancelled, it’s fair to say that nobody would want to be locked down or quarantined, especially in a place away from home.

Trials are underway at the MCG ahead of the forthcoming 5 day Christmas Test, but for the life of me I can’t think who will be visiting. Normally there would be about 100,000 spectators on the opening day, but with attendance figures limited to 25,000, it will be interesting how it comes across on TV.
Not sure whether the Aust. Open Tennis will go ahead in any special form in January, because most competitors travel the world in search of well-paying tournaments, but no doubt the almighty dollar will work something out! hmm

Comments have been made about the high number of private cars on our roads despite the unemployed lists being high, until it was pointed out that many people are shunning public transport.

Two lovely days coming up. 34C, then probably 15C for the weekend.!
Hope you’re weather stays kind

Good Health wine wine wine

Jane10 Tue 17-Nov-20 14:01:54

Quite warm here today (for Scotland) but very windy. Quite scary really. The windows are whistling and rattling. I walked through the woods and over the hill to the paper shop yesterday and wished I'd just driven instead. It was a quagmire! Lots of fallen branches too. Ho hum. Just have to stay in and watch TV again this afternoon.

LauraNorder Tue 17-Nov-20 14:11:47

Hello Rufus, taking your advice and giving you the benefit of the doubt.
So far so good grin.
Sorry for the early judgement.

Megs36 Tue 17-Nov-20 15:30:52

Hello Rufus, the Gremlins are about again,lost my whole message so here we go again.
Real washing weather here as well, got it all dried and ironed, not that there is much ironing, only really iron what will be seen and because we aren’t going anywhere or seeing anyone that works well!my old dad at 94 used to fold everything and put it under an armchair cushion till needed again😃.
Now nearly through second week of lockdown, going very slowly and drearily, not sure when it will end, my son fed up wit no golf or gym as are many others.
Good to hear your Covid stats in Melbourne,hope Adelaide stays stable, not sure how far that is,dreadful geographical ignorance here I’m afraid.

Keep safe


Jaxjacky Tue 17-Nov-20 16:31:26

Hi Rufus, dull, grey day with a few spots of damp in the breeze here. I like shepherds pie too, with brown sauce, but another delivered meal here as new kitchen not quite operational, soon, then I can make said dinner. Interesting poser on the MCG, it’s an institution, so I’m sure someone will turn up in their bubble. Hopefully the situation in Adelaide will be squished as soon as possible; the pseudo lockdown here may not end on December 2nd, later this week the numbers should start reducing to indicate if it’s working.
Take care 🥂

boheminan Tue 17-Nov-20 16:40:59

Tuesday's Shepherd's Pie? I thought that was Thursday Rufus! Have you ever listened to 'The Scaffold' singing 'Today's Monday'?

I don't have a car, ride an ancient sit up and beg bike with a basket - thankfully bike repair shops are considered important enough to stay open, and as the back tyre got punctured again, my lovely local bike shop repaired it for nothing - good to know there's still some good people around 'out there'