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Best hair dyes for resistant grey

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Kittye Sun 13-Dec-20 06:53:15

I’ve not coloured mine for just over a year now. Been colouring it for nearly 60 years. I’m loving the grey and wished I’d done it years ago. I’m saving hundreds of pounds a year and my hair is in better condition than ever.

Lolo81 Sun 13-Dec-20 03:42:18

My advice would be to not use a box dye. Go to Sally’s and dependant on your colour buy a bottle of peroxide - the 10 volume if you want to maintain a colour, 20 volume for a lift (maybe 2/3 shades lighter than your roots).
Mix that with a toner 1 which is a tube of colour in a bowl, consistency should be like custard (1/2 a tube for shoulder length hair).

Apply to coloured ends first for 15/25 minutes then the virgin roots for a further 15/20 minutes.

Wash off with shampoo and double condition.
Your colour will last longer than a box dye.

It’s more expensive initially, but you should get 2/3 applications from your toner and the peroxide lasts for around 5/6 overall applications in my experience.

Shinamae Sun 13-Dec-20 02:53:21

I too embrace the grey......well more white actually....

Georgesgran Sun 13-Dec-20 02:07:56

I stopped colouring my hair some years ago - but I had the opposite problem. My hair is extra porous, so light brown would turn out dark and dark brown would end up black. Not a problem 30 years ago, but I’m happy to be grey now.

TrendyNannie6 Sun 06-Dec-20 22:31:23

Excellence is an excellent hair dye Ann1954

TerriBull Sun 22-Nov-20 07:52:36

I use L'oreal Excellence , works for me. I always do a patch test first, I think that's quite important even if you have been using the product for a while.

Calendargirl Sun 22-Nov-20 07:40:51

I agree with CocoPops. Go for it, GOTG.

CocoPops Sun 22-Nov-20 03:51:08

Now that socializing is limited it might be an opportunity to let the dye grow out and embrace the grey?

paddyanne Sun 22-Nov-20 00:14:03

I 've been colouring my own during the pandemic and I find Nutrisse is the best for covering some quite coarse grey hairs I always used Nice n Easy before but it wasn't covering even when left on for a longer time

crazyH Sat 21-Nov-20 23:59:42

I would also like to know - thanks ..

ann1954 Sat 21-Nov-20 23:56:37

I have always coloured my hair at home but now find I have greys that are colour resistant. HELP