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Good Evening Monday

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Rufus2 Mon 23-Nov-20 12:55:40

Evening All!; Crunch time is approaching!
Next Monday our Council’s shopping centre visits for us elderly cits. recommence after the lockdown closure. Big decision; stay home and never participate in these “social inclusion’ activities again or “go for broke”!?
Can’t fault the service; bus pick-up at front gate at alloted time on alloted day once a fortnight, 15 min ride to shopping centre, 1½ hrs shopping then bus home.
Only difference now will be face masks due to distancing rules and only 3 passengers each bus trip. (15seater Mercedes Benz)
I guess you will all have to face up to a similar decision soon. My deadline is Friday, which is to be a "Black Friday"

Our "run" is now 25 days with no cases, but the latest UK News is not very good at all.

We had a very severe storm last night; ! rolled into bed at 2.00am and didn’t hear a thing; slept right through it and woke at 8.00am to news that all suburbs had had record rainfalls, lightning,thunder, the lot and it’s “Summer” next week. hmm

Welcome Flapperlady; where are you? It’s just routine, to know what sort of jokes to avoid! Seriously, I hope you’re in an interesting place because although we’ve been in OZ for 50 years, its good to keep in touch even if it’s virtual.

Luckygirl Another aspect of Michael’s trips which is sometimes unreal is when he scores a seat on an empty tram or a funicular railwayin places like H.K. or Singapore which tends to remove the hustle and bustle atmosphere of the location which should be part of the experience.
Regarding his dancing prowess, if you should meet him on a train sometime could you please give him this message from me:
“Find out what you don’t do well, then don’t do it!

Sorry BlueSky! No offence, but you know what I mean!
We’ve just had a Power-Point- type prog of his several trips all around the place and I’m still blinded by the dazzling colours of his rapidly changing outfits.

Callistemon What’s this you say about Strine? I know you speak it after your early years mustering on a cattle station in outback Queensland, but I’ll have you know I speak perfect BBC -English following my grammar school education at an excellent shool in Marlow, Buckinghamshire It also still has slight overtones of my Mancunian origins, like you find with a fine wine!
Unfortunately my voice happened to get involved answering an incoming call on our answering machine and I exclaimed “who the heck is that old codger!", then the penny dropped.. The problem lies with the machine; it’s too old. shock

Megs It seems like your shielding now is a case of steady as she goes.
Now that our VIC/NSW border is open the TV News showed this evening families being re-united at both Melbourne and Sydney after being parted for months.
West Australia is the only State to retain closed borders, but it has been said for ages that they want to secede from OZ and form their own country!
I’ve seceded from that thread you mention when it began to look like “The Mad Hatter’s Tea-Party so I got out as soon as the rock-cakes started flying.
I see Man City lost again 2-0, so that’s another TV replay I’ll by-pass. sad

Well, it’s 11.40, wet, but calm and not a sound; just like a graveyard.
Good Health wine wine wine

Callistemon Mon 23-Nov-20 13:05:52

I know you speak it after your early years mustering on a cattle station in outback Queensland

Rufus you've 'outed' me, mate, everyone will know who I am, but.

Jane10 Mon 23-Nov-20 13:22:33

All sounds well down under Rufus2 (ooh err missis!)
Quiet here. The most exciting thing I did today was hoovering. Am now recovering from the unusual level of activity.
I'm currently watching 'Chernobyl' the mini series. I know it's been out for ages but I remember it all so well I didn't fancy it. By golly it's exciting and horrifying. Those poor people. I remember that the radioactive wave swept over us. I sent a note to school excusing my daughter from playing outside on the grass. Our poor old cat developed a thyroid tumour as a result of being out in it. The vet said he'd seen a huge increase in them. Scary times.
Almost makes coronavirus seem OK in comparison. 😐
Sorry for grimness.

ixion Mon 23-Nov-20 13:30:57

My son and family are in QLD, so it's always good to hear about life in (other parts of) Oz (yes, I know it's a big place😉).
I was interested to hear that you have retained your English accent. My son has too, very definitely, but the 5 year old, soon to start school, is developing a very marked Ozzie accent.
'What d'you saaaaay?'.

rafichagran Mon 23-Nov-20 13:40:18

Hello everyone, not a pleasant day here weather wise. At work at the moment typing this after a hearty lunch during my break.
Go for broke Rufus you will enjoy it

Rufus2 Mon 23-Nov-20 14:21:27

but the 5 year old, soon to start school, is developing a verymarked Ozzie accent
ixion I think it's true to say that the younger children are when changing environments the more likely they'll be to pick up their friends dialect, certainly their expressions.
Our 2 "boys" who are now Senior Cits. hmm were 10/12 when we came here 50 years ago, but I don't have any idea of how much Strine the folks back home would detect.
We speak mainly by phone which is not a good test.
Thanks for an interesting "chat"! I'll have to pay more attention next time we meet; one family have lived in Brisbane for several years; a bit of a challenge1?
Good Health

Jaxjacky Mon 23-Nov-20 15:09:52

Hi Rufus, I have a nephew in Brisbane, he moved out about 4 years ago, apparently Covid is hardly discussed as all is normal there. We watched Leeds play yesterday and will watch Southampton tonight, the two teams supported in this household.
I hope Freda is ok, you haven’t mentioned her for a while; whether you go on your Friday trip depends if you’re gagging to shop, it would leave me cold. I enjoy Mr P’s rail trips, far more interesting than when he was politicking, his flamboyance is now to be expected. Good news here on the Oxford vaccine, I hope, enough baggsied by the Govt to inject most of the UK. Does Australia have any vaccination plans?

Stay safe 🥂

CC90 Mon 23-Nov-20 15:24:47

Hopefully Australia will soon open her international borders and also there will be no need to quarantine in expensive designated hotels or motels and I can use my deferred airline tickets !

BlueSky Mon 23-Nov-20 19:03:39

So many of us have loved one in Oz. You are our Go-Between Rufus! Cheers wine wine

Jane10 Mon 23-Nov-20 21:48:32

We'll have to organise a GN trip to Oz to visit Rufus2 and his trusty Freda.

Callistemon Tue 24-Nov-20 10:39:55

Does Australia have any vaccination plans?
At first the Government was talking about compulsory vaccination, I think, Jaxjacky but they may have dropped those plans now.
apparently Covid is hardly discussed as all is normal there.
It is, even though there are few cases. Businesses have umpteen forms to fill in and much bureaucracy to cope with to be COVID-compliant.

I doubt we'll be allowed in without a certificate of vaccination though.