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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 25-Nov-20 12:50:54

Hi! Thank you for your kind wishes. Promotion from Grandad to Great G. (in waiting!) has left me humble and happy in the knowledge that our family line will be more secure after I’ve gone!

We notice that you will be getting free Tampons for Christmas! That will lift your spirits. What do the gentlemen get? hmm

Thank you for your early warning about a GN visit to OZ. I mean, for your warning for us to lay in more provisions!
We’re already compiling menus; Turkey and chicken are a bit of a bore; you probably get that all year round so we’re fattening up a couple of emus and have asked our butcher to put some crocodile and shark fillets to one side.
Drover’s Damper and Vegemite Pinwheels should help fill your starved stomachs.
Drinks can be left till closer to the Day! I can recommend “Hatlifter Stout” confused

Fortunately many Covid restrictions are being relaxed such as border controls, allowing easier inter-State travel. The very impressive Zoo is open again; Puffing Billy heritage train also.
A word of caution if you should be heat affected, don your bikinis and rush into the sea. We’ve had several fatal shark attacks lately, so if you hear a siren followed by a man’s voice from a loudspeaker, yelling “Shark” get out quickly.
Don’t start a debate about what type it is; Despite their name Man-eating sharks don’t differentiate between the sexes. You’re probably disappointed, but think how lucky you’ll be with no box-jelly fish to worry about!

Anyway, more about the fun side of your trip later! grin

We were cruising Britain’s canals onTV again this evening, specifically around Leeds-Liverpool. Introduced the “Navvies” constructing them and didn’t they work hard; all with just pick and shovel! Hence the term.
That was followed by a doco. on The Great Train Robbery, using some new material. How time flies!

BlueSky You kindly define my role as your “Go-Between” which has reminded me of the problems (not me!) that the medical testing authorities face when ”key” workers have more than one job and move freely between them; that was the situation in Adelaide and the pizza man.
I believe the system is to be tightened up by having single-job security guards only, looking after quarantine locations.

CC90 No news when our international borders reopen, but it looks pretty obvious not until Covid vaccine is freely available. The current stats applying in GB also don’t help!
I suppose there will be “Covid” surcharge when you do get to use your deferred tickets.!
The airlines have all lost massive amounts of fare money;
Our State budget was handed down in Parliament recently and the current and projected future deficits are out of this world. The solution apparently is “Spend,Spend, Spend. with other people’s money and pay back later!
I’ll probably cry myself to sleep shortly. 30C max. today and a warm night ahead1

Good Health wine wine wine

Jane10 Wed 25-Nov-20 12:58:56

Don't cry Rufus2- all will be well in the best if all possible worlds (or something like that). Thanks for laying in those provisions for us. You're really spoiling us. I'm partial to alligator tail too. Not so keen on Vegemite. Any chance of a slab of Lamington? I'll bring you some haggis and black bun.
Govt issue sanitary products? Rather a chilling thought somehow.
Forgot to say congrats on your forthcoming GGC. Something to look forward to next year.
You watch a lot of documentaries it seems. Dramas not your thing?

Rufus2 Wed 25-Nov-20 14:15:36

You watch a lot of documentaries it seems. Dramas not your thing?
Jane On the contrary, I love drama too, but I've had a surfeit lately what with one thing and another and I can't abide drama-queens so it's good to balance the ledger now and again, don't you think? grin

Alligator!? What's wrong with croc.? They're local whereas 'gators have to come from Florida, I think!

But fear not, cane toads won't be on the menu. hmm

Btw; I'd love some smoked kippers, but they probably don't travel well.
I'll check with Dr. Google

Jane10 Wed 25-Nov-20 14:19:14

I'd arrange to have some Arbroath Smokies sent to you. But they might need a plane of their own!