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Recyclable wrapping paper

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NonnaW Thu 26-Nov-20 19:55:12

Does anyone have any recommendations as to where I can buy recyclable Christmas wrapping paper? Most of it seems to be foil, or coated, which cannot be recycled.

phoenix Thu 26-Nov-20 20:08:34

Why not just buy a roll of brown paper (sold in Amazon as Kraft paper) then perhaps stencil it, or attach leaves, ivy for example?

phoenix Thu 26-Nov-20 20:09:46

Just to add, plain brown paper can also be prettied up with ribbon.

Witzend Thu 26-Nov-20 20:22:03

I think the Oxfam shops have it. I dare say they’ll be open again after this lockdown.

GrandmaKT Thu 26-Nov-20 20:29:03

Haven't looked this year yet, but last year Tesco had a good selection of 'ordinary' (not foil or glitter) wrapping paper.

NotSpaghetti Thu 26-Nov-20 20:30:40


Also John Lewis, Paperchase, WEarth London.... all over the place...

Jaxjacky Thu 26-Nov-20 20:59:11

I bought recyclable from Amazon, sorry, no link, just type into their search bar.

SueDonim Thu 26-Nov-20 21:13:07

WH Smith’s has recyclable wrapping paper.

Seakay Thu 26-Nov-20 21:25:16

I got this from John Lewis last year - it's a good thickness (doesn't tear on present corners) and can be prettied up by using ribbon

"Product code: 76897709

Our John Lewis & Partners Plain Kraft Wrapping Paper is FSC Certified.

Available in a range of colours, you're sure to find one that suits your present and their plain design means they're the perfect base for bows and ribbons of all shapes, sizes and patterns.

Even better, all these colours are fully recyclable after use."

JackyB Fri 27-Nov-20 10:03:06

Once my stash of paper is used up, I shall be going for Christmas tea towels or simple bags made of Christmassy prints. It may even become one of my ways of using up old sheets - dye them red or green and tie with a nice ribbon (satin, not plastic). I won't mind if I get them back the following year.

Westcoaster Fri 27-Nov-20 10:34:16

I bought a huge roll of brown paper from Amazon a couple of years ago. It'll last my lifetime and longer!!! grin
As we don't have so many gifts to wrap this year I might try stamping something on the paper after cutting it to size ... tried to do it once I'd wrapped last year and it didn't work well at all.
Using nice ribbons make the gifts look lovely though.

Non coated paper, so fully recyclable.

Franbern Fri 27-Nov-20 10:41:55

Last year I purchased recyclable christmas paper from WH Smiths. Before Lockdown I was in there and saw they had it again this year. Best to purchase locally if possible rather than via Amazon.

Maggiemaybe Fri 27-Nov-20 10:42:23

I’ve a huge roll of brown paper too. smile It looks great prettied up with ribbon. I save and reuse any salvageable wrapping paper and embellishments as well from any present I’m given, and cut down old Christmas cards for tags.

Firecracker123 Fri 27-Nov-20 11:49:55

Why don't you wrap presents in a scarf or festive tea towel which can be reused afterwards.

NonnaW Fri 27-Nov-20 12:07:46

Thanks for the suggestions. I shall look in local shops too once they reopen.

Granarchist Fri 27-Nov-20 12:14:22

Brown paper and pretty ribbon - string not sellotape - luggage labels too - it looks lovely.

MattJo Fri 27-Nov-20 14:46:15

It amuses my family that I re-use gift bags year after year so long as they are still in good condition. I make tags from last year's cards too. This year, I made fabric gift bags from festive material, too.

Hetty58 Fri 27-Nov-20 15:40:12

Newspaper potato-stamped with Christmas baubles makes a change. I've used tea towels, pillow cases and cot sheets too.

Any spare fabric can easily be used for wrapping or made into little bags. Real ribbon and gift bags should always be re-used, I think.

Hetty58 Fri 27-Nov-20 15:42:57

Although I wouldn't buy gift bags myself - not when they are just as expensive as a useful tea towel!