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Surprised by request for a toy!!!

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travelsafar Wed 02-Dec-20 09:28:47

One of my grand daughters aged 11 has asked for a toy for Xmas. I was surprised and pleased to hear this. A lot of girls that age are into music, make up etc. I have bought her Fi Fi The Flossing Sloth. It looks delightful!!!
Apparently it dances smile

vampirequeen Wed 02-Dec-20 09:45:08

Looks brilliant grin

glammanana Wed 02-Dec-20 10:16:22

It looks great my DD has bought one for my GGD she had to shop around as the price varied and in a lot of places they where sold out as they are very popular.

phoenix Wed 02-Dec-20 10:38:16

I think you might find the sort of "flossing" it does has nothing to do with dental hygiene! tchgrin

FannyCornforth Wed 02-Dec-20 11:46:02

Apparently you press its nose and it does the floss dance and 'wiggles its booty'.

Moonlight113 Wed 02-Dec-20 11:50:16

Oh my gosh! It's great! She will learn some dance moves. 😄

Puzzler61 Wed 02-Dec-20 11:50:53

I want one travelsafar !
Cute, and fun. 😁
Your family can all learn the floss dance at Christmas by copying it (even if it has to be on FaceTime/Zoom).

Moonlight113 Wed 02-Dec-20 11:51:15

I think I want one.

Jane43 Wed 02-Dec-20 12:09:51

I do miss buying Christmas presents for my children and grandchildren, They all ask for money these days because they are saving to buy something, usually games or trainers. I used to love reading the annuals I bought for my boys every year before I wrapped them up.