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Shop Local - disappointing service.

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SueSocks Thu 03-Dec-20 00:31:31

On Tuesday, day before the end of lockdown, I went to our local independent pet store to get a number of items. I’ve tried to support local businesses during this COVID crisis. The attitude of the owner was appalling, really couldn’t be bothered and was quite rude. To top it all she refused to accept a £50 note! I spent over £30. I would have thought independent shops would have been grateful for my custom and have a better attitude. I won’t be returning there, I would rather drive to the next town & go to the pet superstore.
In contrast I went to the local independent grocer/scoop shop she is always cheery and lovely to all her customers. Not sure I could be like her!
Rant over, I was quite shocked by her attitude. Local small garden centre staff aren’t much better, do they really expect customers to return?

Doodledog Thu 03-Dec-20 00:55:43

They are probably stressed because of Covid. Small shops in particular will be struggling, and it’s hard to be cheerful if you are worried about your job.

I think a lot of shops refuse to take £50 notes too - I was given one on my 50th birthday and had to take it to the bank to get it changed, as I couldn’t spend it.