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earnshaw Thu 03-Dec-20 16:55:16

my little cat ,who came to us from a rescue centre last february, has settled down really well, even going to the toilet outside rather than using litter tray but therein lies the problem, there are cats next door and others from around the area, i thought cats were territorial but when my cat goes out , 3 , at least. of the others are just plain bullies, she is so scared, peering through the cat flap to see if there are any around, no actual fights yet but one of them had her cornered by the bins, we had to rescue her and one chased her to the cat flap. obviously it couldnt get in but it would have if it could, think we will have to employ a bodyguard ,,, advice please

silverlining48 Thu 03-Dec-20 17:00:18

Can you have a water spray to hand and spray the bullies?
My neighbour used to do that to our cat if she dared go into his garden. I Was never very happy about it but think it did the truck and she stopped venturing over the fence.
Glad your little cat has settled in.

Puzzler61 Thu 03-Dec-20 17:12:33

We have had similar issues with our little rescue cat earnshaw , not just from neighbourhood cats but from jackdaws nattering at her from the roof and fences too. She has been scared of pretty much everything outside making us wonder if she was a house cat in her former life.
We encourage her to use a cat litter tray indoors and in the winter she rarely spends any time outside.
She does love it when we are in the garden and is much more confident being out there when we are gardening and sitting out in nice weather.
I think water is a good deterrent to other cats without harming them.
Good Luck with your little one. They bring such joy, but we worry about them too don’t we?

Jane10 Thu 03-Dec-20 17:32:47

Poor little puss. Does she really need or want to go out? If not then don't make her. She might be happy enough venturing out in the summer when you're out too?

emmasnan Thu 03-Dec-20 17:42:54

We've had this problem too. One large cat attacked ours resulting in a £90 vet bill! We did manage to soak the cat once and it hated it so much it stayed away for several weeks but is back again now.
Ours feels more comfortable if we're outside but it does leave her very nervous. She has grown a bit bigger lately and we're hoping she will at least be able to put up a better fight.

kircubbin2000 Thu 03-Dec-20 17:48:33

My rescue cat is not too keen to go out but when I encourage him he has fun and disappears for 2 or 3 hours.
My problem is how much to feed him. When he arrived he didn't like anything I gave him so I contacted his fosterer who said he liked Felix.
About 3 weeks ago he started looking for food every time he came in eating 3 or 4 pouches, chicken thighs and scraps.
He now looks pregnant and I wonder have I overfed him!

Jane10 Thu 03-Dec-20 20:28:43

Kircubbin2000 could your cat have worms? Might explain the ravenousness and fat tum?
Or he's a she?!

kircubbin2000 Thu 03-Dec-20 21:39:57

No, he hasnt worms, think hes just fat! He has grown quite a bit since I got him and now has a very thick winter coat.🐺

grandtanteJE65 Sun 06-Dec-20 13:44:29

Cats are territorial, that is part of your trouble. The bullying neigbour cats have regarded your garden as theirs, and are trying to scare the newcomer away.

Don boots and a warm coat and go out with your puss and hiss loudly at intruders.

Kircubbin, they are all growing heavy coats this year - so there is probably hard weather coming.

quizqueen Sun 06-Dec-20 13:52:36

My cat gobbles food down in the winter like there's no tomorrow but hardly eats anything in hot weather. When your cat is more settled and braver, he/she may start to stand up for itself and its territory more.

I have told my neighbours to get a super soaker and spray my cat if they don't like it in their garden or she tries to get into their houses. It doesn't hurt the cat - they are waterproof - and it's probably the only to teach them not to come near.

Moonlight113 Sun 06-Dec-20 13:53:36

I'd go out with her while she has a little wander round. Perhaps get her a little collar and lead even.

TrendyNannie6 Sun 06-Dec-20 22:28:43

Awww poor pussycat, the other cats obviously see your outside space as their stomping ground ( territory) I’d keep her in, or buy a lead and take her for little walks,