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phoenix Fri 04-Dec-20 17:55:05

PLEASE could some kind person provide a link, search function on here is not good.

Thank you!

NotSpaghetti Fri 04-Dec-20 18:04:03

phoenix I read an online article by a chemist who says it can’t possibly work.

NotSpaghetti Fri 04-Dec-20 18:06:15

Here’s another one - though not the one I’d read before:

phoenix Fri 04-Dec-20 18:10:35


phoenix I read an online article by a chemist who says it can’t possibly work.

Thanks NotSpaghetti, but I'm sure someone posted on here about using them to help with tissues in the pocket episodes tchblush, the title was something like "I bet you all knew this", but of course can't find it now!

NotSpaghetti Fri 04-Dec-20 18:12:12

Oh, yes, I remember now... sorry

SpringyChicken Fri 04-Dec-20 18:17:13

Can you tumble the item, Phoenix? The tissue usually collects on the filter.

Lucca Fri 04-Dec-20 18:36:13

Yes I remember that she said something about putting 5 aspirins in the machine. The search facility on GN is very poor.

Lucca Fri 04-Dec-20 18:39:25

I’ve found it. Look under I’m sure all of you know this

Lucca Fri 04-Dec-20 18:39:58


Lucca Fri 04-Dec-20 18:40:20

Oops. So good I did it twice.

phoenix Fri 04-Dec-20 18:43:49

Thank you Lucca!

And YES the GN search facility is dire!

B9exchange Fri 04-Dec-20 18:44:26

This is how to remove tissues, not convinced aspirin as a bleach would be that effective, but every so often the tissue elf strikes!

NotSpaghetti Mon 07-Dec-20 00:34:44

Did it work, Phoenix?