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Fridge temperature

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Nanderin Sun 13-Dec-20 10:45:07

Hi Everyone.
Could you please tell me what temperature is your fridge set to.

lemongrove Sun 13-Dec-20 10:49:53

+3 usually.

Nanderin Sun 13-Dec-20 10:51:07

Mines 4 do you think that's too high

timetogo2016 Sun 13-Dec-20 10:52:04

Yes 3 in ours too.

Aldom Sun 13-Dec-20 10:53:31

Between 3&4

quizqueen Sun 13-Dec-20 10:54:56

3-5 is recommended on the food hygiene certificate and -18 for the freezer.

MamaCaz Sun 13-Dec-20 13:01:00

Do you all regularly check the temperature in your fridges, to see if they are as cold as you think?
I know some fridges have an inbuilt thermometer and temperature display, but many don't.
We got rid of our old fridge last Christmas, when we suddenly realized that it wasn't as cold as it should be (average 7° - 9°), but its replacement isn't exactly perfect either!

Marydoll Sun 13-Dec-20 13:04:40

I have a fridge thermometer given out by the local Council.
According to them the ambient temp should be 5°.

They hand them out in the local supermarkets every Christmas to try and prevent food poisoning. A great idea!