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Good Evening Sunday

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AGAA4 Sun 13-Dec-20 15:53:30

I am missing the jokes Rufus. Here in Wales the pubs aren't allowed to sell alcohol as our Covid cases are very high. They have turned into coffee shops.

Jaxjacky Sun 13-Dec-20 15:40:39

Bugger on the new cases, disappointing.
Our weather is wet, dark and yuck basically. So we brought our soggy tree indoors to decorate, cheers up the house a wee bit. We’re heading into our darkest week before the clocks start moving again, then the longer run to Spring. We’re watching football, the Man City v Man U game yesterday was dire, sooo boring. I shall make our stuffing for Christmas tomorrow to my Dads ‘secret’ recipe, he passed it on to me as the eldest and I was awaiting magic ingredients. Very disappointed to find a packet of Paso in the recipe! But also green tomato chutney which has been difficult to source, I’ll dish some out my DD and DS, frozen, along with their pickled onions. Not too early or they’ll scoff the lot before Christmas.
Stay safe 🥂

Rufus2 Sun 13-Dec-20 12:54:54

OZ is definitely a country of extremes. NSW is about to be washed away, suffering tremendous rainfalls and Queensland’s turn next as the system tracks North along the coast.
Meanwhile back here in sleepy Melbourne, very warm, 33C, no wind, no rain, no worries!
Except that our double -do-nut days are over! Six new cases reported today all in quarantine after returning from overseas. Not sure yet from whence they came.
Certainly not carrying gifts of Frankincense etc.

“Blood of the Clans” Part the 2 this evening, all about Rob Roy and he appeared more devious than last week’s Archie! Jacobites and the rest charging about all over the place massacring each other! All this occurred only 3-400 years ago so I fell to wondering if any of their DNA survives today. Perhaps it can, seeing that they identified King Richard 3 in that car park!

Australia’s test hopes are taking a bit of a battering, literally, with batsmen being hit on the head practically every day. Our two openers are not in contention after initially promising much. Helmets don’t seem to be very effective, yet back in the good old days of Keith Miller and Co. I can’t remember seeing helmets.

Jane Having your lights on all day conjured up many gloomy memories. You do have the compensation of shop windows all decorated with Christmas themes, or is all that just a memory thanks to Covid!?

Time to get our tree (plastic) out of its box and chase out any spiders that might have wintered there and find out how many lights have given up. Won’t be many presents under it again this year ; maybe a few virtual ones, but I won’t be figuring on many cards, certainly not humorous ones. tchsad spent some “Zoom-time” lately on creating electronic cards.
The GN ban on Jokes has at least one saving grace in that we can be spared a thread of Christmas-cracker type “jokes” and accompanying “Groans”!

Wasn’t too impressed by TV News shots of Presidents, PMs and all and sundry pollies having their Covid vaccine jabs. Whilst it made good publicity to encourage a more enthusiastic take-up, the cynic in me reckoned it was simply a placebo.

I must get some sleep! tchhmm
Good Health wine wine wine