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Good Evening FriesDay

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Rufus2 Fri 18-Dec-20 14:19:45

Good Evening Friesday
Here we go again. Further Covid spikes in NSW; neighbouring States are putting up some shutters again. 28 new cases which sounds trivial compared to your situation, but after recent stuff-ups over quarantine procedures it’s becoming a :”belts-and-braces” situation.
Apparently a weak link in our defences has been identified as cabin staff and crew from incoming passenger flights which are increasing in number.
They are to be subjected to stiffer quarantine conditions, but how that is to be integrated with “turn-around” procedures would seem tricky.
NSW now has 29 in a fresh spike and on TV News today it seemed almost like panic stations with people waiting in queues for testing for hours.

Sadly, it’s also put many Christmas travel plans into disarray, causing plenty of worry for potential travellers not wishing to be caught out in the wrong place should sudden lockdowns be reimposed.
Meanwhile here in Melbourne we have now completed 49 (I think that’s what she said) Covid free days, a record to be “guarded jealously”, code for lockdowns being imminent!?

AmberSpyglass Welcome! Now it’s Friday “already”, but pity we can’t say “it’s 2021 already!” because that seems to have been coming forever. Only 12 more sleeps to go then a New Year will dawn.

Kseniya Welcome. Yes, I borrowed it from Megs who used to pour out four glasses, but now they are little square icons. No idea what they are! tchconfused
Mine usually contain Shiraz or Merlot; same difference!

Megs My word, you have trained your Gson well into remembering your posh likes! Suppose the drinks are not Aussies, but the hamper would be from Fortnum & Mason, which featured in this evening’s “History of Chocolate” on TV.
Mostly about “Terry’s Orange”, it’s history, how they’re made and ,importantly, how they’re opened
Then we had a look at Ireland’s Bailey Truffles; available in OZ , 320gm for $20 and then on to Wales to see a full-size bust of Santa complete with white chocolate beard being made by the regular lady chocolateur. She’s very clever!

Jaxjacky If anyone’s wrong over “Scots/Scotch” it would be me based on my past record! Thought of another one “Hopscotch”! Do they still play that?
Ordered a UK magazine calendar by phone yesterday for delivery to a UK address so saving the cost of posting one from here; usually about 5 times the cost of the calendar.
Weather forecasters are already reassuring us it will be fine and 21C on Christmas Day, 7 days to go and even 1 day can be a challenge. In any case, if it’s to become a “locked in” Christmas then it won’t matter what the weather does! tchhmm
Good Health wine wine wine

Jane10 Fri 18-Dec-20 14:46:57

Edinburgh has been tipped as likely to have a white Christmas. Fine by me. Will give me a chance to wear my braw (note Scottish word) new boots given to me for my birthday. We're eating at home but will venture to DD's for an exchange of presents in her garden. DS will be there too along with DSiL and the wee boys. It will be awful not going in especially as their new kitten will have arrived by then. Oh well.
Gosh Rufus2 thanks for mentioning it - I hadn't even thought of New Year!!

Jaxjacky Fri 18-Dec-20 15:49:42

Hi Rufus, yes I believe hopscotch is still played. New Year, crumbs, my son will be 30 on the 2nd, no wild celebrations this time. Bit of a bummer with air crew spreading bugs, as you say, a turn around dilemma.
Rainy, dark day today, I dropped a few bits to my DD earlier, she’s off with our GS as he’s on his last day of isolation, again. The bits included a Caribbean ginger Christmas cake, not made by me, but a local restaurant, I warned her it’s laced with rum, so to watch the GChildren with it. Also a jar of pickled shallots, necessary with cold meat and a drop of bubble and squeak. We won a gammon joint in our local pub meat deal last night, draw was live online, it’s normally a very sociable event, but the pub is shut, as are so many, I hope it survives.
Stay safe 🥂

Megs36 Fri 18-Dec-20 15:56:21

Hi. Rufus dunno what’s happened to my virtual wine, trying it again soon, my iPad is having a funny turn with Google or is it meCheers

BlueSapphire Sat 19-Dec-20 12:21:38

Hello Rufus! Ex Oz resident here, and always enjoy your comments. Anything going on in Northern Territory? Used to live in Darwin, the back of beyond, but loved it....... Crocs didn't get us at least, managed to escape the snakes and stingers!