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Buffybee Wed 23-Dec-20 13:38:30

I wasn't sure where to post this but hope I can get some advise.
A couple of months ago I noticed something high up in the stair well, I realised it was a Red Admiral with its wings closed, so as the weather was turning, I decided to let it shelter until Spring, when hopefully I could catch it and set it free.
It hasn't moved for months but this morning it has gone into the bathroom and is perched high up on the blinds, it had it's wings spread when I first noticed but now it seems to have tucked itself away again.
My question is, should I be doing something for it that I'm not doing?
I can't think what!
But as it's moved I wondered if it was looking for food or water or something?

Whitewavemark2 Wed 23-Dec-20 14:02:02

Sugar water?

MiniMoon Wed 23-Dec-20 14:05:17

This is advice from the Scottish wildlife Trust,

The best thing you can do if you see a butterfly flying about in your house in the middle of winter is to help it relocate to a cooler spot. Put it in a cardboard box for a while to calm it down and then leave it in your shed, garage or another suitable location. Somewhere cool and dry is ideal.

Buffybee Wed 23-Dec-20 14:36:27

Ah! Thanks MiniMoon, I was worried that it would get too cold on the bathroom window but it might be seeking a cooler place.
I’ll have to try to catch it now, without hurting it.
I’d thought of sugar water Www2 but thought that might wake it up more.

Buffybee Sun 27-Dec-20 11:25:50

Butterfly update!
When I climbed the ladder to rescue the Red Admiral from my bathroom window blind, I found another one close by.
I now have the ‘couple’, safely in their new shoe box home, on a shelf in the unheated front porch.
Can’t wait for my little guests to emerge in Spring.....

FannyCornforth Sun 27-Dec-20 11:52:12

Ah, thank you for the update.
I love insects, they are so fascinating.

nightowl Sun 27-Dec-20 11:59:49

I found one yesterday Buffybee, in my hallway. It is currently in my rear porch in a teabag box (the only thing I could find in a hurry). I did offer it some sugar water on a pad of kitchen roll as I read they might need something to eat if they have been active, but I have no idea whether it drunk any of it. It seems to have gone back to sleep now anyway. Do give us an update in spring.

Buffybee Tue 29-Dec-20 13:15:37

You could call your little guest Tetley nightowl, my two in the porch are the Hotters. grin
The butterflys, bees, birds and insects have given me a lot of entertainment over this year's strange Summer months.
Precious little things need all the help they can get.
I'll update in Spring.