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Happy Christmas everyone

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BlueBelle Fri 25-Dec-20 06:10:46

Happy Christmas to all my gransnet friends have a lovely day and if you’re on your own pop in and say hello
Have a good as day as possible xx ❤️

DillytheGardener Fri 25-Dec-20 08:14:06

Merry Christmas to all! Hope you all have a day filled with lashings of Prosecco and merriment tchsmile

AGAA4 Fri 25-Dec-20 08:18:42

Happy Christmas to all Gnetters. Thank you for your company this year. It means a lot.

Charleygirl5 Fri 25-Dec-20 08:21:01

Happy Christmas everyone- do not overdo it- pace yourselves, enjoy.

Sparklefizz Fri 25-Dec-20 08:26:55

Happy Christmas everyone - thank you all for your company this year ..... better days are coming. Meanwhile eat, drink and be merry. tchsmile tchsmile

Bathsheba Fri 25-Dec-20 08:32:43

Merry Christmas to all gransnetters and their families. Hope your day is filled with peace, happiness and joy, and may your cup wineglass runneth over.
Here’s to a much happier and healthy 2021 🍷🥂🍻🍾

Septimia Fri 25-Dec-20 08:37:32

Happy Christmas to everyone from me, too, and hopes for better times in 2021. tchsmile

Lexisgranny Fri 25-Dec-20 08:39:33

Happy Christmas Gransnetters, hope that however you are spending Christmas you have a happy, and above all, a healthy day. To those of you who are alone, warm wishes go out to you.

Sofa Fri 25-Dec-20 08:39:50

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

V3ra Fri 25-Dec-20 08:44:00

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope we can all make the best of it and have a safe peaceful time 🎄

mokryna Fri 25-Dec-20 08:48:05

Merry Christmas everyone. Take care and safe

rafichagran Fri 25-Dec-20 08:49:19

Very Merry Christmas to everyone.

Anniebach Fri 25-Dec-20 08:56:44

Happy Christmas everyone

Smileless2012 Fri 25-Dec-20 08:58:37

Wishing you all a Happy and Peaceful Christmas

Beauregard Fri 25-Dec-20 09:01:49

Merry Christmas everyone.

shysal Fri 25-Dec-20 09:03:19

Season's greetings to all.

MiniMoon Fri 25-Dec-20 09:05:48

A very happy and peaceful Christmas to Gransnetters around the world. I hope you have a lovely day. It is different for us all this year, but let us try to enjoy it in our own way.

25Avalon Fri 25-Dec-20 09:05:53

Happy Christmas everyone. The sun is shining here in the South West. May the sun shine in everyone’s lives in 2021.

Millie22 Fri 25-Dec-20 09:06:56

🎄Merry Christmas to everyone 🎄

sodapop Fri 25-Dec-20 09:07:04

Merry Christmas everyone, hope we all have a peaceful and happy day, tchsmilewine

Redhead56 Fri 25-Dec-20 09:17:51

Happy Christmas everyone enjoy your day and take care🥂

TerriBull Fri 25-Dec-20 09:19:02

Wishing all on GN a happy, peaceful and Covid free Christmas. For those on their own, may the threads of GN offer you some company and support so you don't feel so alone.

Anannymous Fri 25-Dec-20 09:21:24

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas.

Roses Fri 25-Dec-20 09:23:59

Happy Christmas to you all have the best day you can

Lewie Fri 25-Dec-20 09:24:32

Happy Christmas to all on Gransnet from me, my DH and our new puppy! She has made this unusual Christmas extra special. Facetiming with the DGC later on. tchsmile

Puzzler61 Fri 25-Dec-20 09:25:48

Happy Christmas Everyone. I hope you all find something to warm you today.
I’ll be starting with a Buck’s Fizz , a Bailey’s hot chocolate about 11, and a Rhubarb Gin & Tonic about 5 pm ..... 😉
But seriously Festive Greetings to you all - and don’t feel lonely.
As Bluebelle says, pop into Gransnet where there is always a friendly welcome.
That’s why we love it 💗