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Happy Christmas everyone

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BlueBelle Fri 25-Dec-20 06:10:46

Happy Christmas to all my gransnet friends have a lovely day and if you’re on your own pop in and say hello
Have a good as day as possible xx ❤️

J52 Fri 25-Dec-20 11:48:52

Happy Christmas to everyone, wherever you are in the world.

Much reduced celebrations here, but best to be safe.

nadateturbe Fri 25-Dec-20 11:53:21

I hope you all have an enjoyable Christmas day however you spend it.
To those who for different reasons are sad today sending hugs and flowers

Shandy57 Fri 25-Dec-20 11:59:32

I've been worried my son would turn up with my gift, I have said no contact until we are vaccinated, he said he'd just like to see me at the front door. He's just phoned - his car has been in the garage for two weeks and wasn't ready as promised yesterday, so I can relax now smile

chris8888 Fri 25-Dec-20 12:05:34

Happy Christmas everyone, I`m alone today but I really don`t mind. Shall keep myself amused with netflix, and books no housework though! Enjoy our day. My neice sent me this photo, so clever these photoshop app or however she did this adding the Santa

cornergran Fri 25-Dec-20 12:10:05

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. Xx

LauraNorder Fri 25-Dec-20 12:24:16

Very Happy Christmas BlueBelle and all you lovely people on Gransnet.

glammagran Fri 25-Dec-20 12:24:51

Wishing all Gransnetters a Lovely Christmas despite the restrictions. Hope those with problems have a far happier 2021.

Kate1949 Fri 25-Dec-20 12:32:33

Happy Christmas everyone. tchsmile

HAZBEEN Fri 25-Dec-20 12:33:05

Happy Christmas everyone! I am not alone (OH is cooking lunch as we speak!)
I am raising a glass right now to toast all GNers everywhere. Thank you for all your support, fun, debates and general daftness this year. Lets make next year a safe and happy one.

Namsnanny Fri 25-Dec-20 12:37:44

Merry Christmas and in the words of Tiny Tim 'Gawd bless us everyone!'

avitorl Fri 25-Dec-20 13:26:06

Happy Christmas to all on GN. It's a bright sunny day here which reminds me that Spring and Summer will come again and everything will feel better in the not too distant future.

Puzzler61 Fri 25-Dec-20 13:56:13

We’ve been for an invigorating walk crossing the park, not too busy, and it’s a cold clear day so we can the peaks of the distant Malvern Hills.
Hope everyone’s day is passing pleasantly .....

Thorntrees Fri 25-Dec-20 14:06:25

More of a lurker than a poster but wanted to wish everyone a Happy Christmas.
Hopefully we can look forward to a brighter New Year and be reunited with our loved ones.

Puzzler61 Fri 25-Dec-20 14:08:19

It could be sooner than we think. Let’s hope so Thorntrees.
Happy Christmas.

Charleygirl5 Fri 25-Dec-20 14:18:32

It is cold but no rain or snow here. I am on my own as usual, doing exactly what I want to do. I will cook my meal earlier than usual this evening because I want to watch a Strictly programme on at 4. 45pm.

Tara my cat has come home extra early- not to spend time with me but use my bed to rest her eyes.

rosecarmel Fri 25-Dec-20 14:41:24

Peace, joy and Christmas greetings to all creatures big and small .. Its a white one here, the thermometer has fallen below freezing and 14 inches of snow is already on the ground ..

Grandmafrench Fri 25-Dec-20 15:08:02

A very Happy Christmas to all of you who bring The Power of Grans to this lovely Forum. Blessings on us all and hope for a New Year filled with much happier times, and with love and closeness of friends and families once more. Hugs to you all.

creativeness Fri 25-Dec-20 16:24:19

A Happy Christmas all on gransnet& best wishes great photos

GranEd Fri 25-Dec-20 16:27:23

Merry Christmas everyone 🤶🎄

Jane10 Fri 25-Dec-20 16:36:32

Happy Christmas to all Grans everywhere.
Just had rather a subdued lunch with just the two of us after a chilly exchange of presents with the family in the garden.
I've been given a Fitbit. Eek 😱 No excuses now but I'll just have to manage this huge box of chox first!

MrsEggy Fri 25-Dec-20 16:46:12

A Very Happy Christmas to everyone, messages and photos from all our scattered family, hoping to be able to see them post vaccination. Keep safe everyone.

Justwidowed Fri 25-Dec-20 17:03:31

A late but very Merry Christmas to everyone ,my 17 month great granddaughter has tired me out.I don't know whether it's her ,a new bed or an abundance of G and T's that's given me 8 hours of continuous sleep the last two nights.I suspect the latter.Happy New Year

Allegretto Fri 25-Dec-20 17:35:20

Happy Christmas to all who read this forum. It is a joy to be a part of it. Whether you are on your own or having a smaller Christmas celebration than usual, I hope you are having the best day possible.

Luckygirl Fri 25-Dec-20 18:00:39

I had been feeling very pessimistic about this first Christmas on my own, but it has turned out well. I went over to my DD (where another DD and family were also spending the day) expecting to hand over presents and grab a plated dinner to bring home, but the weather was so sunny that they dragged their big table out into the garden and we all ate Christmas dinner sitting outside in our coats! It was great fun; so an unexpected treat.

But then it suddenly turned really really cold so I repaired to my own home, lit the fire and have been enjoying some lovely music and reading a book.

I hope that others have found some joy in today in these troubled times. flowers

mamaa Fri 25-Dec-20 20:10:54

Still in time, just, to say Happy Christmas to all GNetters and hope you’ve had as good a day as possible. X