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DH stuck!

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grannysyb Sun 27-Dec-20 11:48:07

I bought my DH a very expensive pair of wellies for Christmas, he tried one on this morning and it was too small, he got completely stuck! After 45 minutes of me tugging we rang our lovely neighbour who came and 15 minutes later finally managed to get the b......y thing off !

BlueBelle Sun 27-Dec-20 12:07:40

Oh dear back they go, I also had some pretty shorty flowered ones for Christmas but I asked for a size too big so I can put two pair of socks on
An hour of tugging is a very looooomg time

Jane10 Sun 27-Dec-20 12:16:24

Yikes. Sounds awful!

Luckygirl Sun 27-Dec-20 12:17:29

Oh dear! smile

MawBe Sun 27-Dec-20 12:37:40

Oh I can sympathise.
My very old Hunters were quite smooth underneath and useless in snow so I bought a pair of shiny new ones (also Hunter ladies) to take with me 3 years ago when I went to D and family
Same problem - I have wide feet, high insteps and I suspect swollen feet on that occasion too. When they (eventually) were removed I just gave them to D who takes the same size and have bought myself a pair of cheapo calf high ones. 😢😢

janeainsworth Sun 27-Dec-20 12:54:24

I had the same problem when I bought a pair of Le Chameau wellies, as favoured by Princess Diana at the time. (Not trying to upstage you Maw. Honest grin)
Served me right for being so extravagant.
I struggled with them for years before holes appeared and I could throw them
I now use a pair of retired hiking boots for all welly-related purposes. More comfy and warmer too.

EllanVannin Sun 27-Dec-20 13:01:54

Sounds like Roald Dahhl's story of the Giant Turnip when neighbours were called to help tug it out of the ground.grin

Niobe Sun 27-Dec-20 14:13:44

Ellen Vanin 😂
I can’t wear Hunter or Le Chameau wellies because I too have wide feet with high insteps but find that the green wellies from B&Q fit perfectly and are easy to put on and take off!

Niobe Sun 27-Dec-20 14:14:38

Sorry Ellan Vannin

lemongrove Sun 27-Dec-20 14:41:43

All wellies are real buggers to take off but....there is a special gadget you can buy, look it up! Makes taking them off a doddle.

midgey Sun 27-Dec-20 14:48:07

Lemongrove, do you mean a boot jack?

Georgesgran Sun 27-Dec-20 14:48:24

Welly pulls here - kept in the porch. My Hunters finally gave up the ghost and I worked out they were younger than DD2 - smooth soles/heels and absolutely lethal in all weathers!

Missfoodlove Sun 27-Dec-20 14:56:17

I have a high instep and struggle with boots generally.
My Aigle wellies however are fabulous.
I think they’re 18 years old!!

Georgesgran Sun 27-Dec-20 22:15:31

Older!!!! Brain’s gone. X

JackyB Mon 28-Dec-20 08:21:41

I remember when I was a gel that wellies always had to be bought a size too big. I don't know if this was to allow for growth or ease of putting on and taking off or if wellies just notoriously always came a bit smaller than their size.

I haven't had any for ages but I would still get them too big these days so that if necessary I could wear 2 pairs of socks under them. Good tread is vital for us "frail" old biddies, too.

I hope you could exchange them for a better fit!