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Moving to Wales/England border

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hsgi Tue 29-Dec-20 23:39:34


I am selling my London house and moving lock, stock and all to Wales. Why? Because I like the Welsh and want to learn their language (they remind me of my father and his Rennes/Britanny relatives so I feel at home with them) smile. I have health and mobility issues so will need a 3 br bungalow, priced from £150k (if work is to be done) to £250k max (if no work needs to be done). I am seriously considering a quiet country life on the edge of a noisy town for all my shopping smile. I am mixed race (French/English/Nigerian), 67 years of age, with two yappy dogs, and have been living in UK since 1982. My family are all mixed race.

I was a Recruitment Consultant/Manager/Director but retired when I got to 60. Bored with retirement life, I became a self-employed Courier Driver because I really love driving. I have an ex husband who unfortunately suffered a stroke in February 2020 and is now in a Care Home.

The bungalow I will buy needs to be wide halls and 33 inches door entrances to allow for wheelchair passage. I like Dormer Bungalows so would want one bedroom to be downstairs and the other 2 upstairs because my daughter and grand daughter visit me regularly from Kenya where she has a 5-year working contract. But happy to have a proper bungalow with the three bedrooms downstairs.

I have visited Cardiff, to St Davids, to Anglesey and am bothered to see the Council about to give up on the people of Fairmount! by not repairing their sea wall protection. For this reason, I think its best I do not buy too close to the seaside.

If any of you gransnet members know of a good matching place I should consider, please tell me. I would be grateful. thanks

tanith Wed 30-Dec-20 07:19:22

The places you mention are not near the border and at opposite ends of Wales a hint as to which area you prefer would give us more of a idea where to suggest.