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Sledging fun!

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Luckygirl Wed 30-Dec-20 14:06:56

My DDs have just sent me a wonderful photo of two of my GC on a sledge - they are beaming fit to bust - what a joy in the miserable times! Four cousins loving life!!!

Jaxjacky Wed 30-Dec-20 15:01:32

How cheering! Wish we had some snow, but most unlikely.

V3ra Wed 30-Dec-20 15:02:10

Children really do "live in the moment" don't they?
Wonderful to see such innocent fun and how lovely of your daughters to send you the photo 😊

tanith Wed 30-Dec-20 15:05:46

How lovely, I saw two little girls in a local park with a sled yesterday, no snow but it was icy and they flew down the hill in turn laughing all the way.