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Pam2208 Wed 30-Dec-20 19:14:03

Can I still be my daughter's childcare bubble if I am tier 4 and she is tier 3

Pittcity Wed 30-Dec-20 19:27:24

Pam2208 Wed 30-Dec-20 20:28:18

I have read this but I don't find it very clear. I assume I can carry on just not 100% sure

dragonfly46 Wed 30-Dec-20 20:31:22

I gather childcare is exempt.

Scentia Wed 30-Dec-20 23:38:13


Teacheranne Wed 30-Dec-20 23:42:06

Yes you can but only for essential childcare with no socialising with parents etc. It specifically says that a childcare bubble cannot be used as a way of seeing family in their house.

Pam2208 Thu 31-Dec-20 06:14:05

Thanks for the replies. It is for childcare so I will be ok to carry on