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Good Evening New Year's Day

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Rufus2 Fri 01-Jan-21 12:55:40

G’Day. How are we all after your festivities? Or are they still ongoing? tchgrin

Not much else to do really and NYE only comes once a year.
This one has been eagerly awaited so let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.
Unfortunately Victoria and NSW have taken 2 steps back and it’s probably no coincidence that partying has been in vogue since Christmas, usually by the youngsters who are probably more resistant, but if they are living at home it’s more than likely they will catch this more virulent strain, and take it home. sad
Track and Trace is all the go!
State borders are being closed rapidly again because of outbreaks in Sydney and surrounds.
Holidays have been terminated and the TV news showed Kilometres of motorists heading back to VIC to beat the midnight closure and 14 days quarantine.typically having spent 5 hours queueing up at the checkpoints.
So the pandemic hasn’t missed a beat going into 2021, as if it could!

. Sorry to have kept on about that; we appreciate you’ve got your problems and we are hoping your vaccine results happen very soon.
Nothing to discuss really. Very quiet and even quieter last night with not a single firework within earshot and I know my hearing is a bit off, but not by much.
As I explained to the Night Owls we have many Asian families around here and they may be waiting for their New Year next month; year of the OX.

Just had a call from our Michelle in B’mouth 11.30pm here (she sometimes has problems with time zones!) discussing your dire Covid situation and finished off saying you can expect massive snowfalls this month; didn’t say where, but I’ll take just one guess! sad

Anyway! Take care.
Good Health wine wine wine

Jane10 Fri 01-Jan-21 13:31:25

Happy New year Rufus2. I'd like to say we had a quiet one but unfortunately we had a gang of yobs in the woods next door to us letting off those huge fireworks that shake the ground as well as make a racket. Lots of bangers too. They throw stones at our windows etc. We're in quite a posh area of town so we're an obvious target.
Anyway. Back to the virus. Sorry it's back with a vengeance in Oz. Nothing more you can do I suspect. Like us just stay in if you can.
We're having the traditional steak pie for lunch with mash and sprouts. I'm not very hungry though so I suspect DH will do well.
Stay safe.

Kim19 Fri 01-Jan-21 13:39:47

Hello Rufus! Happy New Year, best wishes to you and thanks for our friendly banter of late. You're decidedly OK.

Jaxjacky Fri 01-Jan-21 13:51:59

Hi Rufus, was a quiet one with some 🥂. I’ve achieved today by getting off my btm and going for a walk, it’s very cold 0.5k, pretty iced cobwebs out and about though. There is a certain UK paper that has been ominously predicting heavy snow every week since November, we’ll see. Gutted to hear the virus was lurking and has now made its move back into your country again, it was a little beacon of hope. I’m cutting down severely my exposure to news here, it’s just not good for the soul.
Take care 🥂