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Paver boots query

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FannyCornforth Sun 03-Jan-21 14:16:43

Due to all my various issues I wear normal ankle boots around the house.
Always ugg or hotter which are both supremely comfortable and soft.
Are Pavers nice and soft and comfy?
I've seen an ad on here for some gorgeous ones with multicoloured straps or buttons (sorry, can't link).
Any experience please?
Thank you flowers

Santana Sun 03-Jan-21 14:22:40

I ordered some lovely Pavers red boots, but they were too tight on the top of the foot. Length and width ok just the height, if that makes sense?
Gave them to my DD who has RA and they fitted. My feet are a bit chubby...
Beautiful boots, excellent quality. I'm a bit miffed.

FannyCornforth Sun 03-Jan-21 14:26:41

Thank you Santana was the leather soft? My feet are really delicate and sensitive, like a consumptive and wan Victorian heroine hmm

Cabbie21 Sun 03-Jan-21 15:03:34

I find most Pavers shoes very soft. I can’t speak for their boots.

mrswoo Sun 03-Jan-21 15:18:10

I've got a pair of Pavers ankle boots, they are quite chunky and heavy and are a god send in the rain/ ice/ snow
But .... I really dont think I could describe the leather as soft. The inside has a woolly lining but I need to wear thick socks as the top of the boot was rubbing my ankles. It may be that over time they will soften up a bit.
I've tried attaching a photo but can't seem to manage it on my phone.

Nortsat Sun 03-Jan-21 15:27:04

Hello FC I can’t help with the boots but my partner bought me a pair of fur lined Paver slippers for Christmas. They come up high over the top of my foot and I only just managed to get them on. I take 4.5 or 5 and these slippers are size 5.
Be careful about the size you order (maybe get 2 pairs of different sizes, so you can send one pair back). I also suggest a shoe horn to help you get them on.

These are my slippers 🐈.

FannyCornforth Sun 03-Jan-21 15:27:30

Thank you cabbie and mrswoo you've confirmed what I suspected.
I think it's probably best to stick to suede.

Patsy70 Sun 03-Jan-21 15:34:21

I bought 2 pairs of Paver ankle boots two years ago, and find them very comfortable. The leather is quite soft and the fabric lining cosy. I have some arthritis in my big toes, and the boots are wide enough to accommodate this.

FannyCornforth Sun 03-Jan-21 15:35:33

Ooh thanks Nortsat we must have cross posted.
That sounds a bit problematic!

Herbie9 Sun 03-Jan-21 15:45:03

Pavers is a well established company and I have always found their shoes and boots very comfortable and their prices are reasonable. Currently wearing a wide fit ankle boot with one velcro strap in soft leather. Have had compliments on how smart they look. Alternate wear with my Hotter Whisper boots and they are both warm and comfortable. Some vg sale bargains too just now.

Witzend Sun 03-Jan-21 15:46:08

Have you tried Celtic Sheepskin’s House Boots?* Similar style to Uggs, but made in Cornwall rather than China or elsewhere, and from British sheepskins.
I’m on my 2nd pair - the first lasted ages. I love them! And I have ‘difficult’ feet.

*A lighter sole than their outdoor boots but you can still wear them outside.

FannyCornforth Mon 04-Jan-21 03:23:32

Thank you everyone! thanks
So that's decided. I'm going to buy the pavers (just got to choose between the strap ones or the button ones - I do wish I could do links...confused) because I'm going to be able to leave the house eventually surely?
And in the meantime I will buy some sheepskin boots as recommended by Witzend ( I have looked at Celtic Sheepskin a few times in the past, they do look lovely).
DH is going to be delighted hmm

Nannagarra Mon 04-Jan-21 09:45:42

For years I bought footwear from Pavers as the quality and customer service was outstanding. Recently I’ve found that their products don’t suit me as my feet are standard width and I don’t have a high instep.
Last year I bought several pairs of leather boots from Matalan in butter-soft leather which fit like a dream and cost me just over £30 each. Normally I wouldn’t consider shoes in a non-specialist shop, however I cannot fault them and I am very fussy - you know the type: mother had your feet fitted in Clarks when you were a child! A month ago one of my sons bought me sheepskin-lined slipper boots from Seasalt which I would also highly recommend.

Jane43 Mon 04-Jan-21 12:00:36


Thank you cabbie and mrswoo you've confirmed what I suspected.
I think it's probably best to stick to suede.

I’m like you FannyCornforth, my feet are very tender and I usually stick to suede for shoes that enclose my feet but it does limit choice. Even as a child I used to dread having new shoes and always had blisters until they were worn in. Of course when I was a teenager and winkle pickers and stilettos came into fashion I just ignored the discomfort.

annodomini Mon 04-Jan-21 13:31:26

Last year I bought a pair of red suede boots from Cotton Traders. They are fleece-lined and extremely comfortable for my high insteps. It's worth looking at their expanding range of footwear as their prices are more than reasonable and many styles come in a choice of widths.