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dithering and delay

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sharon59 Mon 04-Jan-21 14:20:34

Just watched Boris on the 1pm news, walzing around a hospital this morning and saying how the country will be under tighter restrictions 'in due course'. This got me so cross, what can he be doing that is so important that these tougher restrictions will have to wait until 'due course'.
That got me thinking, The cynic in me thinks he is obviously waiting to see what Nicola does today, and that he is waiting until the media and professionals have stopped harping on about the numbers then he can think that the new measures are all his idea to curb the virus. But then of course he will need to go for a run, walk Dylin a couple of times, might even have to bath Wilfred and read him a bedtime story, if Carrie trusts him enough!
Sorry Boris, but this is important, DO SOMETHING!

Marydoll Mon 04-Jan-21 14:22:50

I'm presently watching Nicola. Boris should take note!

Jaxjacky Mon 04-Jan-21 14:25:19

Scotland into stay home lockdown, schools closed for January.

Bathsheba Mon 04-Jan-21 14:26:58

Yes I was just watch NS, and fervently hoping BJ will stop his bleddy dithering and get on and follow Scotland!

Genty Mon 04-Jan-21 14:27:14

Boris has done nothing but dither and delay since day one! he certainly isnt going to change now!

Lucretzia Mon 04-Jan-21 14:31:22

Boris has proven time and time again that he is a ditherer.

And at this moment we need someone to actually do something

Sir Mark Walton was interviewed on Marr's show. He said this which I think is very true and explains why Europe and USA are having a tough time. And it is many countries in Europe, not just us.

Sir Mark also suggested the UK has struggled to keep cases down because it is a 'western liberal democracy', hinting that draconian countermeasures adopted in unfree countries like Vietnam had suppressed the virus.

EllanVannin Mon 04-Jan-21 14:32:29

Full lockdown for Scotland from midnight.

EllanVannin Mon 04-Jan-21 14:33:29

C'mon Boris--he who hesitates is lost !

Jane10 Mon 04-Jan-21 14:42:20

I'd rather live in a non authoritarian country. There are many aspects to consider here. Lots of people want to make their own decisions which is a risk of course but so is trying to enforce something thats just not enforceable short of calling in the army. Getting it right or right enough is a very fine distinction.
You can't keep all the people happy all the time!

GrannyGravy13 Mon 04-Jan-21 14:54:41

Population of Scotland 5.46 million (June 2019)

The population of London alone is over 9 million, England’s population is nearly 59 million.

I do not envy the Government having to make decisions which they know will maybe make many businesses fold for good, have long reaching effects on mental health, medical diagnoses and treatment which in turn will probably cause loss of life.

These things will be constantly under review and the pros and cons weighed up, the Government will be taking advice from SAGE and PHE.

Changing guidelines due to change of circumstances is not a U turn taking ones time to consider the evidence is not dithering.

Jaxjacky Mon 04-Jan-21 15:00:12

GrannyGravy some decisions need to be made quickly, we should have stopped incoming flights from South Africa as soon as their variant was known about for instance, instead of delaying.

geekesse Mon 04-Jan-21 15:02:47

The Covid19 rate per 100,000 in Scotland is 188.3.
The Covid19 rate per 100,000 in England is 476.9.

Scotland is locking down tonight.
Meanwhile, all we get from Westminster is a vague admission that more measures are inevitable. Let’s hope this evening’s briefing addresses this problem.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 04-Jan-21 15:03:50

Boris Johnson is making a statement at 8pm this evening.

eazybee Mon 04-Jan-21 15:06:56

I think Boris is doing what he thinks is best for the country.

Kalu Mon 04-Jan-21 15:10:09

I am pleased Nicola Sturgeon has made the decision to lock down. It had to be done.

EllanVannin Mon 04-Jan-21 15:10:29

Liverpool will be making their own rules if there's any more dithering. What about the welfare of staff in hospitals ? Don't they have a say ?

varian Mon 04-Jan-21 15:12:24

Johnson is making an announcement at 8pm.

varian Mon 04-Jan-21 15:13:18

Sorry GG13 you got there before me!

Grannynannywanny Mon 04-Jan-21 15:16:32

It seems some schools in England aren’t waiting for a government decision. Both primary schools where my grandchildren attend have contacted parents today to inform them the schools will remain closed.