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Signs of spring!

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Witzend Tue 05-Jan-21 14:10:36

My usual walk takes me past a lot of holly. There are still plenty of berries, but I noticed loads of flowers today. Masses of buds, too.

Please post any of yours - we could do with a bit of a lift!

MrsJamJam Tue 05-Jan-21 14:34:52

Primroses flowering by my front gate. A lovely welcome home every time I drive in!

tanith Tue 05-Jan-21 14:44:50

I noticed two snowdrops at the end of the drive this morning.

henetha Tue 05-Jan-21 14:56:46

Lovely hellebores out now, and lots of spring bulbs pushing through the soil. Spring will come and we will survive. The planet will go on turning.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 05-Jan-21 15:23:41

Not so far advanced as last year though.

Greyduster Tue 05-Jan-21 15:25:42

Lots of hazel catkins in the lane beside our houses. I hope it means lot of nuts in the autumn - we didn’t get any last year. I have crocuses and tete a tete daffs coming through in their pots.

Ellianne Tue 05-Jan-21 15:28:31

Lovely Witzend.
Take a look on the 1000 words thread too. GN photographers are busy finding pictures to put on there.

Bridgeit Tue 05-Jan-21 15:29:57

A favourite

AGAA4 Tue 05-Jan-21 15:54:08

My daughter has told me that the snowdrops she planted last year are all out. Brave little flowers in the snow.

BBbevan Tue 05-Jan-21 16:39:30

Snowdrops are out and wood anemones I planted last year are showing green growth. Roll on spring

gillgran Tue 05-Jan-21 16:54:13

I love to see the signs of spring each year.
We have just one hellebore plant, it's a beautiful white one that our DD bought us from Botanic garden 2 or 3 years ago, ( to replace a group of about 5 that we had bought the previous year that didn't even try to grow at all,sad.) It is in full
I look forward to all the spring flowers, I try to make a note in my diary when the first of each variety appear. ( see what an exciting life I lead,wink)..!!

Casdon Tue 05-Jan-21 17:00:09

I went out to look this afternoon - no snowdrops, primroses or anything except hellebores flowering here yet - but weirdly, and with no cloche, my rhubarb is coming up - really cheered me up to see inch high pink shoots!

EllanVannin Tue 05-Jan-21 17:31:18

What a treat to see new growth in the midst of turmoil. At least it signals hope. A lovely sight to see.

LauraNorder Tue 05-Jan-21 17:34:50

What a lovely thread Witzend. Signs of hope and lovely photos.
I’ll take my camera on tomorrow’s walk and see what I can find.

M0nica Tue 05-Jan-21 23:01:45

Primroses were out on Christmas day. This is becoming a regular feature in our village.

Kim19 Tue 05-Jan-21 23:10:14

Lovely concept. All positive. Thank you contributors.

Chewbacca Tue 05-Jan-21 23:28:03

My Spring bulbs are poking their little shoots through the soil and snow and I've got one white hellebore in flower with a couple of others with buds on. No sign of snowdrops yet so I'm hoping that the squirrel hasn't nicked them.

Nannytopsy Wed 06-Jan-21 00:04:04

There are early snowdrops in our churchyard. Very cheery.

Hetty58 Wed 06-Jan-21 00:29:34

Snowdrops and crocus are up here - but not yet flowering. Primroses have been in flower for a few weeks - and cyclamen just starting.

It's a bit warmer here on the edge of London. Spring is just around the corner - so heartwarming. I can't wait for the clocks to go forward!

Rosie51 Wed 06-Jan-21 01:19:36

Not in gardens or the countryside, but daffodils in all the supermarkets now, Spring can't be too far behind smile Got to love daffodils, you can't look at a vase full without smiling, or is that just me?
My cyclamen and primroses have been flowering constantly in the garden and bring great joy, but daffs in the supermarket......

Rosie51 Wed 06-Jan-21 01:21:33

And shortest day has gone.... every day is a little bit more sunlight.

Ohmother Wed 06-Jan-21 01:45:17

A little suprise outside my front door today. 🙂