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bigbird69 Wed 06-Jan-21 11:51:26

Help please: Are there any other grans out there with a young family in Dubai? We are in the UK and I would like to know how you manage to maintain contact with ease, send gifts (without it costing a absolute fortune!) and build a relationship with the young children. I am really happy they are making a good life for themselves but I feel I am not fulfilling my role as grandma - they are the only grandchildren we have so could do with some reassurance.

Esspee Wed 06-Jan-21 14:16:13

Hello bigbird69 I don’t have grandchildren in the UAE but my son has lived there for over 10 years. Problem is the government blocks things like Skype and FaceTime.
Currently we use WhatsApp to send text messages. You can have a real time “chat” and keep in touch that way free of charge. Phone calls are very expensive. I do realise that is no help with grandchildren.
Another option would be for your family to set up a VPN. This means that their internet connection is not registered in the UAE so cannot be interfered with.
There is no domestic postal service over there so do not send gifts. You can mail things to business addresses but they very often do not reach their destination.

I have grandchildren in the USA and never send things by mail there either. My granddaughters posted some paintings to me back in November and they haven’t arrived yet. Possibly my fault as I insisted on regular mail as the last time I received paintings from them my son paid $24 postage.
When it comes to presents I feel it is much better to allow the parents to select what the children need/want so I simply transfer money into my son’s account as and when needed. (Not just birthdays and Christmas but random times like when their school closed due to Covid I sent money for arts and craft supplies. They were taken shopping and allowed to choose up to a value of $X what they would like from grandma.)
It won’t be too long before you get your vaccinations and can visit them in person.