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What a palaver.

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NanKate Sat 09-Jan-21 14:08:51

My Doctor sent me a text saying I needed a blood test and to go to the local hospital or surgery to have this done. I wouldn’t dare go to the hospital as it is in a local town.

I phoned the surgery and got a long message about their preparations for rolling out the vaccinations, but not to call. Then saying what to do if you suspected Covid. Then the Head Doctor giving you all the different numbers to press, but none of them were for Blood tests or appointments. So I had no more options other than to go online.

Now I use by IPad and the Internet a lot but the different screens I had to go through were even off putting for me. I put in my email address, then my password, then I had to give 3 letters from my memorable word. Then I had to say which of 9 pictures had tractors in them. Then I had to find Online services, then scroll through for appointments, then had to find where Blood Tests could be booked. I eventually did all this and made an appointment for Tuesday at 9.23, so they are booking by the minute now. 😏

I suspect anyone of my age who is not conversant with Online booking procedures would have given up. I logged off, then got an email from the Practice saying someone had accessed my details. YES it was me !

Daisymae Sat 09-Jan-21 14:18:37

You are not alone. My DH has a letter to see his consultant at the hospital. However if you look closely it is a virtual appointment in the hospital, but it really does read as an actual appointment. You have to book into a virtual waiting room, presumably on the day. I found all this out by searching the hospital website. No where in the letter or anywhere else does it explain any of this. I strongly suspect that a number of people will turn up for their 'virtual' appointments.

EllanVannin Sat 09-Jan-21 14:23:03

Unless I was writhing in pain I wouldn't bother.

V3ra Sat 09-Jan-21 15:01:04

Daisymae my husband had a letter from the hospital offering him a telephone appointment.
Written across the top in big letters was the warning not to attend the hospital in person.
I suspect some people still do so on auto pilot!

grandMattie Sat 09-Jan-21 15:09:26

I tried earlier this winter to get a non urgent appointment. Like you NanKate it took me over 40 minutes of mounting rage to have access to anything. Afterwards I had to go and lie down to calm down! Two days later I had a very brief phone call from a nice doctor. I was then sent an appointment for 6 weeks’ time, which was last week. All inconclusive...
I appreciate that things are difficult, but although I’m fairly good on the internet, being shuttled from one to the other until I nearly gave up, isn’t very satisfactory. What if it had been urgent but not 111 worthy?

Alima Sat 09-Jan-21 15:31:54

My DH has to have very frequent blood tests. For a while now blood tests have to be booked online at our local hospital as they have stopped doing them at the surgery. It is a brilliantly simple thing to have to do, very precise and the system works like clockwork. However, he has me to book the tests for him, he only really uses his tablet for You Tube and doesn’t have any idea of how to access the hospital website. There must be many people in his position or not ven on line at all.