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Just had 2 scam calls within 20 minutes

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Witzend Tue 12-Jan-21 11:03:47 least presumably they were scams.

Both recorded, one supposedly from Amazon regarding my purchase of an iphone12 (which I haven’t made) U.K. accent.

2nd, American accent, supposedly from Visa, regarding a £600+ purchase I haven’t made.
I hung up on both.
We have checked online banking and there’s nothing.

For a moment I was in a tizz about ccs - I often keep a couple in a small purse I can slip in a pocket if I call in at a small local shop for e.g. bread towards the end of my usual walk. Couldn’t find the purse for a minute or two, but phew.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 12-Jan-21 11:07:48

Get a call stopper phone. Everyone has to announce themselves etc before they get through to speak to me. My family get through automatically but no one else does.

I never get a single cold call.