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Under 5'3 and over 60 finding it harder to get real clothes

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Ah13 Wed 13-Jan-21 11:31:09

Anyone else got this problem? I am 5'1" size 8/10 depending on make....... I don't want elastic waists and big cardis....nor do I want the stuff my grandkids wear. What happened to the good old favorites M & S used to stock? Nice white shirts, with long or short sleeve? Not sure about other over 60s but I don't want puff sleeves and little rounded collars.

AmberSpyglass Wed 13-Jan-21 11:36:09

Boden is always a good bet, as is Mint Velvet. Betty Barclay do good white shirts as well!

MawBe Wed 13-Jan-21 11:37:08

I’m 5’2 and wish I were a size 8/10 !
Is it the small sizing that is the problem? I would have thought that companies like Boden , Joules, Seasalt or White Stuff would provide smaller sizes? I admit that I have to resist tunics as they come up like dresses on me

NotSpaghetti Wed 13-Jan-21 11:38:06

Maybe Jeetly? Obviously not the frilly ones!

NotSpaghetti Wed 13-Jan-21 11:40:56

Or Jennifer Anne?
Or Boden as someone else suggested.

Ro60 Wed 13-Jan-21 11:55:19

I feel your pain. As a 5'1 8 petite. I've recently (well, a year ago) discovered Isobel London - smart casual with a twist. In Rackhams I think.
I agree just because we're child size - or smaller by the size of my GCs doesn't mean we want twee Peter pan collars etc.

Ashcombe Wed 13-Jan-21 12:03:19

I’ve bought Isabel items in Debenhams in the past. Since they’re closing, you might find deals to be had if online shopping with them is still an option.

M0nica Wed 13-Jan-21 12:03:57

I am 77, 5ft 2in and size 10/12. I buy clothes in Sainsburies, M&CoLands End, who do a good line in shirts and, blouses. David Nieper is probably your style, but expensive.

Availability of clothes, does rather depend on how your taste runs, but if it is what would previously be describe as 'classic' styles, I think the problem may well be that now so many older women dress in a similar style to younger women, there is less demand for clothes for that style of dressing, so the usual chain stores are no longer stocking them.

Your size shouldn't be a problem, I have seen no lack of smaller sizes on the racks in all the shops I use.

J52 Wed 13-Jan-21 12:17:18

Can I throw Weird Fish into the mix? Not everything is to my taste, but I have bought some lovely cotton dresses and tops.

Blossoming Wed 13-Jan-21 13:00:58

I love Weird Fish J52 especially the dresses.

SpringyChicken Wed 13-Jan-21 13:36:48

Dorothy Perkins have a good petite range.

Aldom Wed 13-Jan-21 14:42:57

Seasalt is another option.

tidyskatemum Wed 13-Jan-21 14:50:00

Another vote for Weird Fish here. I'm your size and height Ah13 and find their tops always fit and trousers are not too long.

tidyskatemum Wed 13-Jan-21 14:51:33

Oops, posted too soon! I also meant to say Weird Fish are maybe struggling at the moment as they seem to have a lot of stuff greatly reduced at the moment.

Paro Wed 13-Jan-21 16:29:05

Jennifer Anne Petite is a great find, they have some really lovely elegant clothes for us grown-up smaller women. They do casual as well as smart.

Artaylar Wed 13-Jan-21 16:34:26

4 ft 11 and three quarters here.

There are so many great petite ranges around nowadays - thanks Paro for the heads up on the Jennifer Anne range, not heard of this one before so will check it out.

Any other diddy ones remember what a nightmare it was getting clothes that fit as a teenager in the 70's ? It was the same with bras then too if you had a narrow 32 in back and big boobies

Judy54 Wed 13-Jan-21 17:33:43

No particular recommendations on where to buy clothes Ah13 What works for me is knowing someone who does alterations. For me it is not just about having a garment shortened but often it needs to be taken in as well. It is amazing what a good seamstress can do to make a piece look almost tailor made for you.

M0nica Wed 13-Jan-21 21:52:05

I think Dorothy Perkins closed earlier ths year.

Gwyneth Wed 13-Jan-21 22:48:40

I’m only 5’ 2’’ . The midi length has been very fashionable for a couple of years now and I have been unable to find a midi dress for my height. They are maxi on me. I tried a couple of M&S midis supposedly for petites but they were all wrong. It seemed to me they only made them shorter but didn’t alter the waist to correspond. Also too fussy with too many frills for petites.

crazyH Wed 13-Jan-21 22:50:47

I wish I were a Size 10 !!!!

Ro60 Thu 14-Jan-21 00:26:50

Artaylar yes in the 70s Mum always had to cut 6" off the bottom - so at least I had matching headbands / scarves or even a bag!
Agree Sainsbury's comes up trumps sometimes. Looking forward to checking out the suggestions. Thanks Ah13 for this thread.

Elrel Thu 14-Jan-21 00:32:42

Anne Brook, a US clothing firm. I have had several good buys from eBay.