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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 13-Jan-21 12:51:35

Help! my mind is going what with all this hot, humid weather!
First I issued two editions of “Good Evening Chewsday” then today (our time) I created a fresh “Night Owls” thread as the previous one had reached the 1,000 ceiling.limit. My initiative was misplaced as the “official” OP also created another new thread so my unofficial thread got the chop! I won’t be doing that again when the next 1,000 limit is reached, if I’m still alive and kicking that is !

Poor Jaxjacky; married to a Leeds supporter! At least you are not ashamed to admit it; that takes courage. Are you still together? What sort of reception will the team get at their next home game ? Can only hope it’s behind closed doors due to Covid.

Jane Want the good news or the bad?
Good is that my Jan. copy of “The Oldie” arrived today; the one with Dame Edna beaming on the front cover. Barry H. is having a good run lately!

Bad is that Queensland is not yet clear of Covid, resulting in all people quarantined in a certain hotel have all been transported by ambulances to another whilst the first hotel is deep-cleaned.
Some of the “patients” are not very happy having nearly completed their 14 day mandatory isolation only to having to start another 14 days.
Enough to make you swear, well me anyway! Even worse than a Leeds supporter.

But I’m sure the Grans never would, no matter how much they’re provoked

Are you sure Grandads are not coming? Despite what Elegran said (don’t worry, she won’t be reading this!) some time ago, there aren’t many around, so they won’t be taking up much room on the plane. Their main problem will be finding an “Unoccupied” toilet
How many Scots are anticipated? Tell them not to bring any Haggis or Faggots, which will only suffer the same fate as Chewbacca’s head piece! tchgrin

Megs In the good old days if you intended having a party at home that had the potential to be noisy, as most do, one way of heading off complaints from neighbours was to invite them. Not many usually accepted and I bet no-one would accept an invite from your boat idiots even if they waived the £30 entrance fee!

We have so many “experts” coming out of the woodwork, professors, assistant professors, TV network resident experts etc. that it’s a network of mixed messages.
Now it’s all about which vaccine, when to roll it out etc. Next month will see the start of something so I’ll just sit tight until my name is called!
Pleased to hear you are pleased with your first jab! I’ve forgotten; which variety did you get? Does that restore any priviliges or relax travel conditions?
I believe the time is coming when we’ll need to produce a jab certificate before going anywhere!

Hot again today 33C and now at 11.30pm its still very warm and humid thanks to a layer of cloud.

Breaking news! Our favourite cheese “Coon Cheese” has been re-branded “Cheer Cheese”! tchgrin

Good Health wine wine wine

Jane10 Wed 13-Jan-21 13:03:20

Don't forget the Grans Expletive Squad. In full training to go and give deserving types the benefit of our skills and ingenuity in swearing at full volume. Would you like to be a member?

Jaxjacky Wed 13-Jan-21 13:31:21

Hi Rufus, he puts up with me supporting Southampton, so it’s quits. Good job there’s no fans at the games just now, or Leeds wouldn’t have had a good reception! Still wintry weather here, damp, but not very cold down South, to be expected in January. Talking about vaccinating 24x7 here, as soon as they have a good throughput of stock, stay up late or get up early 🙂
Take care 🥂

Rufus2 Wed 13-Jan-21 14:08:23

Would you like to be a member?
Not just now thanks Jane
I'd have to bone up on Scotch expletives and I'm sure Aussie ones would need you to undertake a crash course so that when the choir mistress calls out "Once more with Feeling", knowing what the expletives mean will add a certain something.
Apart from a few "Och Ayes" and "Hoots Mon" I'd be floundering.
I'm sure you'll find many recruits living North of a line from Liverpool to the Wash who'll be only too willing to join; All their practice in cursing their weather must have some value! tchgrin
Slainte wine

Jane10 Wed 13-Jan-21 14:22:35

We're an equal opportunities squad and have members from all over the place. Having worked in secure hospitals and prisons in my time I'm not unfamiliar with language and concepts you might reel at.

Rufus2 Wed 13-Jan-21 14:28:41

he puts up with me supporting Southampton, so it’s quits

Jaxjacky That's nothing like "quits"!
With Southampton beating Liverpool, for which we will be forever grateful, you've got the wood on Leeds which will last the rest of the season and beyond, probably!
Although being the kind sort of person you are, I guess you 'll refrain from kicking a man when he's down!
After all, what goes around comes around, or something like that, so best keep quiet! tchgrin

Rufus2 Wed 13-Jan-21 14:54:09

I'm not unfamiliar with language and concepts you might reel at
Jane It's 1.40 am here and still very warm so being a night owl, I'm good for a bit of banter. tchgrin
As you may have gathered, I'm not a Scot so I don't reel.
However, you're welcome to try and perhaps my in-tray will contain a few examples at breakfast later. encrypted of course! tchgrin
But I must leave you all and refresh myself for an appointment with podiatrist Fiona later and put my best foot forward, so to speak! tchhmm
Good Night.

FannyCornforth Wed 13-Jan-21 15:29:08

Hello Rufus I refuse to bite re the Night Owls thread.
But, just to clarify, I started the official thread some six hours plus before you chanced your arm.
So there really is no justification
(Okay - so I bit hmm)

I am the proud owner of a beautiful Maine Coon cat.
I very much look for to her being rebranded as a Maine Cheer smile

Megs36 Wed 13-Jan-21 15:38:33

Hello Rufus

The vaccine we had was Pfizer, 2nd jab in 12 weeks....Doesn’t make too much difference to our lives at the moment though, mainly I believe if you are unfortunate enough to catch IT there is a measure of protection against really severe illness ! I think it will be a few weeks before ‘it works’ so the lockdown message and rules stay the same.I won’t ask the neighbours round ! All over 80 in this road I think so put their dancing shoes away a while ago. 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉


AGAA4 Wed 13-Jan-21 15:41:28

Any photos of your cat Fanny?
Good evening Rufus Liverpool have taken second place to Manchester United in the Champions League. My grandson is not happy but it is early days yet. He lives in the Manchester area by the way. Doesn't wear his Liverpool shirt while he is out!

Jane10 Wed 13-Jan-21 15:45:53

Rufus2 no point. It would just have to be a long series of **********s!