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Good Evening Thursday

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Rufus2 Thu 14-Jan-21 10:41:22

AGAA4; Is this URL helpful?

FannyCornforth Thu 14-Jan-21 10:49:27

Aah, thank you Rufus!
AGA asked on your last thread for a photo of mine. I'll try to do one later, it's more complex than it should be, I'm afraid.
My aunty bred MCs up until recently. I could post a link to her website if I only knew how!
She was one of the top UK breeders and a judge too.
My cat is one of hers.

(At risk of being a taat - I'm whispering now - you caused a bit of a hoo hah on the proper Night Owls thread. Not that that was your intention of course, oh no grin)

FannyCornforth Thu 14-Jan-21 10:52:58

Those cats aren't great examples to be honest (sorry!)
Most of them just look like long haired moggies, not that there's anything wrong with that of course.

Rufus2 Thu 14-Jan-21 10:57:17

Here's another one! tchgrin

Now I must return to my other duties!

Rufus2 Thu 14-Jan-21 13:45:04

Apologies for the fragmented appearance of my thread this evening, but had to attend to a couple of derailment attempts accusing me of lacking manners and being Australian.
Goodness me; they’ll be saying next that Sir Les lacks manners

Covid still under control, but now the social argument has shifted to the apparent differentiation between elitist sports persons and the rest of us when it comes to observation of Covid rules.
We usually have a few major sporting events around this time of year involving big dollars and expensive participants so I imagine many organisers are trying to bend the rules.
Jane You should have taken your face mask off ‘cos I can’t work out your muffled string of * expletives. tchhmm
“The Oldie” mag. is current January which is very prompt; now to find time in my busy social calendar for a good read.

Megs I don’t suppose it matters which vaccine you start off with but I guess No2 would have to be the same. Do you all have to stand in line as with the testing procedures? It will be very interesting to follow progress because your stats are still breaking records.

The latest Michael P. episode was a repeat (of course) of his travels by rail in Spain chasing up his family history, but he couldn’t resist the temptation to join in with a Morris-Dancing type troupe, looking most incongruous.
That wouldn’t be on just now with all that snow, but it’s always nice to look at!

Missed your deletions; hope they weren’t “reported” !? tchconfused

Weather here has settled to fine Autumnal after that brief burst of Summer.
Late again and decidedly chilly!
Good Health wine wine wine

rafichagran Thu 14-Jan-21 17:53:17

Oh they probably were Rufus.
Anyway they are my first ever deletions and I got 3. Oh well. Anyway Good Evening to you.

FannyCornforth Thu 14-Jan-21 19:27:46

Rafichagran please be assured that I did not report you.
As you can see here, Rufus and I enjoy a bit of banter (horrid word, but apt).
Please be aware that Rufus's GN raison detre (sp?) is to take the mickey, cause a bit of a hoo hah and stir things up a bit.
All power to his elbow, but don't take it too seriously.
Best wishes to you flowers

Callistemon Thu 14-Jan-21 19:45:53

[big sigh]
What have you done now Rufus

I see we Gransnetters have to charter that plane asap and come to set you on the right path.
Which is probably at a tangent to most Australian males!

Jane10 Thu 14-Jan-21 19:47:50

Rufus2. We've had three Maine Coons over the years. The current one, Baz, is a whopping 12.5 kgs. Here he is. He looks so grumpy but he's very cuddly and friendly (unlike myself)

Jane10 Thu 14-Jan-21 19:51:04

I meant to say Rufus2 whenever I have the latest 'Oldie' I have to set aside ages as its such a good read. DH actually puts down his car comics to read mine after me (but he just likes the cartoons)

rafichagran Thu 14-Jan-21 20:19:03

Thankyou Fanny I did not think it was you, and to be fair I was amused by the deletions. I was probably reported, but water of a ducks back.
Rufus makes me laugh, and I enjoy his threads, and mickey taking.

Jaxjacky Thu 14-Jan-21 20:31:33

Hi Rufus, a chilly day, in your summer, tut, tut, not on. Well, as we have no pets, cats or otherwise, so can’t contribute to that one, or the night owls, we average 7 hours kip.
I remember that Michael P episode, a bit cringy, but interesting about his family. Our ‘elite’ footballers are also under discussion, basically they’ve got to stop hugging when they score, can’t even have a civil handshake either! Saints best striker Ings is in Covid isolation, Leeds are on the TV again this weekend, more sympathetic muttering may be called for, I hope not.
Take care 🥂