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Good Evening Friesday

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Rufus2 Fri 15-Jan-21 13:53:32

^Dear old Humphrey Lyttelton told me this one.
He and George Melly were once on a Yorkshire jazz tour when they got lost on the road.
Humph stopped to ask an old boy directions.
'Do you know the Bradford turn-off?' asked Humph.
'Know her?' said the old boy. 'I married her^
Need a joke to get underway! Courtesy of Barry Cryer of The Oldie”

Jaxjacky More than a chilly day today, finishing up with some hail showers’ fortunately only large pea size, unlike the Sydney cricket balls.
Leeds on TV again? I thought only the top teams were shown in order to boost viewer nunbers. Must check up as to whether I’ll be watching Man. City.!

Callistemon Don’t sigh for me! You sound like a frustrated teacher with a naughty child.
“I ain’t done nuffink”
Now what’s “a tangent to most Australian males ” supposed to mean?
You can leave all your Xs out of this; they are happily shearing sheep, mustering cattle etc. so best left alone.
I notice nobody has requested a stopover in Wuhan! China Airlines are doing good deals!
Baz the Cat! He must take some shifting out of your bed when it’s time to retire!
Megs I also had a “GN calling” message simply telling me the other thread had been deleted. I seem to be causing trouble whereever I go these days. tchconfused

Oops! it’s 12.30 am Sat and my bed is still unmade after washing my bedding.
Catch you later;
Good Health

Jane10 Fri 15-Jan-21 13:57:49

Rufus2 you cause trouble therefore you are! Keep going!

Jaxjacky Fri 15-Jan-21 15:42:54

Hi Rufus, I think Leeds provide ‘entertainment’ of whatever sort, most football fans will watch any team, we live in trepidation of it all being shut down again.
Hail, good grief, locusts next? Sunny, chilly today, forecast is rain/sleet/snow tomorrow, I expect rain, we rarely get snow in the South.
Off to decide Indian or Chinese delivery tonight...such challenges.
Take care 🥂

Megs36 Fri 15-Jan-21 16:36:41

Aw Rufus quite a few posters are responding so what’s the problem I ask myself. It seems that it’s not acceptable to some other posters if you ‘join in’ with another opinion or point of view, it was ever thus!!
Never mind just banter evidently. 😃

rafichagran Fri 15-Jan-21 16:48:59

Good Evening Rufus Keep up the Bantz, or so my younger colleagues at work would say.
The jokes are awful at times but they still amuse me.
Sleep well.