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I Watched a Hawk in my Dream

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Alexa Mon 18-Jan-21 08:16:50

Vampire Queen, I had not known of that interpretation. However in the event it is true to how I felt about my dream. Thanks.

Alexa Mon 18-Jan-21 08:12:55

Absent, thanks. I read the poem. I know that feeling of falling short of perfection and falling back into the realities of life. The feeling I had in my dream, and feeling tone is the main meaning of any dream, was happy and hopeful. Unlike the hawk in the poem, the hawk in my dream was not other than me but was the hopeful and happy side of me.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 17-Jan-21 08:43:12

Well, obviously the hawk represents the end of lockdown and the sun represents Spring on its way.
Of course it could have been a vulture......

absent Sun 17-Jan-21 08:00:35

Do you know the Gerard Manley Hopkins poem The Windhover? You might like to look it up.

vampirequeen Sun 17-Jan-21 07:15:37

Like most dream interpretations the answers are very vague so you pays your money and takes your choice. I hope your choice is that it's a representation of your sense of freedom.

Alexa Sat 16-Jan-21 10:47:16

The episode seemed to last a long time. I was with other unidentified people in my garden, and the weather was sunny with unclouded blue sky. The others , I knew, would not be interested however when the hawk , which I identified from its general outline, appeared high in the sky I felt I had to point it out to them.

I said"There's a hawk." I strained my eyes to watch it as the sky was very bright.When the bird hovered closer I saw it had long tail feathers like a bird of paradise. I thought its eyesight was so good it knew I had a small bit of wholemeal bread on my plate and it might descend and accept it from my hand.