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Families out sledging! What a lovely sight.

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JenniferEccles Sun 24-Jan-21 14:40:25

We have just been out in the snow (Berkshire) to buy the newspaper and on our walk, passed a little hill where families were out with their sledges having a wonderful time.

It just was so uplifting to hear the squeals and laughter from the children having some much needed fun.

Kate1949 Sun 24-Jan-21 14:41:58

How I agree. We've seen several go past our window. Delightful.

Jane10 Sun 24-Jan-21 14:42:46

We were out for a walk and those happy noises could be heard. Rounding the corner the colourful sight of so many cheerful, laughing families was just lovely. We stopped to watch them for a while.

Riverwalk Sun 24-Jan-21 14:44:35

A great sight!

My GC in Somerset are having a whale of a time and even here in London loads of families out with sledges heading for the parks, or anywhere with a slope!

lemongrove Sun 24-Jan-21 14:44:37

It’s virtually all melted away here, but woke up to a lovely snowy morning, it looked very magical.Had breakfast watching the birds on the feeders, and shared my croissant with a blackbird who looked a bit bedraggled.
Very nice for children to get out and into it.😃☃️

JenniferEccles Sun 24-Jan-21 14:57:57

It’s wonderful isn’t it? A taste of normality for a few hours.
Some of the parents were also having a turn on the sledges, in many cases looking as excited as their children!

Some others were having snowball fights and rolling in the snow.

Jaxjacky Sun 24-Jan-21 14:59:07

Yes it is lovely, hope there’s no injuries though.

crazyH Sun 24-Jan-21 15:00:04

A true entrepreneur- snowballs @ £1 per snowball

JenniferEccles Sun 24-Jan-21 15:24:02

I wouldn’t imagine he would have many takers!

Redhead56 Sun 24-Jan-21 15:39:02

My son sent me a video of his twins out on their sledges. It took me back years when our dogs used to pull son and daughter on their sledges.

AGAA4 Sun 24-Jan-21 15:59:06

I live on a road that goes to the country park and it has been good to see families passing enjoying the snow.
Also I have enjoyed watching the dogs having fun. One little dog was frolicking in the snow and it was deep enough to cover most of his legs but it didn't deter him.

J52 Sun 24-Jan-21 16:36:46

Our mob have been out sledging and making snowmen. Just what was needed to blow away the cobwebs and lift the spirits.

SuzannahM Sun 24-Jan-21 16:48:36

They're all out round here as well, thoroughly enjoying themselves.

We built a snowman at the end of the drive and could hear the boys down the road yelling 'Lets build a bigger snowman!' grin And they did!

We build a snowman every time there is enough snow. One year we built a snow lady then went out shopping. When we returned our next door neighbours had built a snowman and a snow dog beside her, and their neighbours had built two snow children grin

LauraNorder Sun 24-Jan-21 16:49:57

Wonderful sights and sounds. Our little grandson ate the snowman’s nose

AGAA4 Sun 24-Jan-21 17:14:42

What a lovely photo. The snowman looks quite shocked.

Sunlover Sun 24-Jan-21 17:43:24

A fun day was had by my children and grandchildren. So nice that they could’ve outside enjoying themselves. Just what was needed at the moment.
I stayed in in the warm! Slipped in the mud on a walk last week and sprained my ankle. Won’t be venturing out for some time.

Alishka Tue 26-Jan-21 10:41:56


What a lovely photo. The snowman looks quite shocked.

My thoughts exactly!grin

Brilliant photo, one to treasure!!!