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Trump's downfall

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Luckygirl Sun 24-Jan-21 22:34:17

Just been watching this instalment of the Trump story and I am reeling. If you had imagined the images in front of you were in black and white, it could have been Hitler ranting.

And the high number of executions during his regime; and the rash of executions after he lost the election - sickening.

If a so-called democratic nation can let this happen, it bodes ill for us all.

M0nica Mon 25-Jan-21 06:41:45

The American system is very different to ours and places far more power in the hands of the President than our system permits.

The US president is voted into office by the electorate and once there has wide powers and discretion to make major decisions without needing the support and approval of either Senate or the House of Reprsentatives.

Apart from the dreadful decisions that Trump made, look at the way Biden has been able to complete over ride many of the policy decisions thatTrump made without needing any support and approval from the legislature

These are way beyond the powers any British Prime Minister has. Here we vote for our MPs and the winning party's leader becomes PM, who can be dismissed by his party at any time and, except in a very limited way, all legislation has to get Parliamentary approval

Curlywhirly Mon 25-Jan-21 08:21:51

I think the ability of the President to grant pardons is really strange and needs revisiting - that a person can override the decision made by a judge and jury is just bizarre. It is open to abuse, as shown in Trump's pardoning of his staff and mates.

silverlining48 Mon 25-Jan-21 08:52:12

I heard that he could have pardoned himself! Now that is novel.

Shandy57 Mon 25-Jan-21 08:55:27

We have been witness to a dreadful period of history, I hope the future is brighter for my friends in the US.

Iam64 Mon 25-Jan-21 09:09:06

I agree with your point Luckygirl. The USA is a democracy. Trump was elected 4 years ago and many Americans voted for him again, despite his disgusting behaviour.
Here’s hoping that Biden’s administration will encourage a less divided society in that country.