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Good Evening Monday

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Rufus2 Mon 25-Jan-21 12:49:40

Here we go again! 30C at 10.10pm Rain forecast for tomorrow, Australia Day and a Public Holiday! We could with lots of that right now. after several scorchers.
The OZ/NZ bubble appears to have burst because of a case of virus; not sure which one or exactly how many,but I’m sure this will become a regular feature

Jaxjacky. What’s this with “fingers crossed, hoping they win”? Not Liverpool surely?
Poor old Kevin de B. will be off 6 weeks apparently. He’s such a talented payer and a delight to watch. I know City have talent in spades, but he’ll be missed. Wasn’t it his hamstrig when he was last laid up?

Jane Not surprised you couldn’t demolish a huge Haggis. Would Maine Coons be interested or would they flee at the sound of swirling bagpipes? I think I would.!
Cranachan? I’m developing RSI of my wrist having to keep checking all these foreign phrases with Dr. Google
We’re having our regular IT Zoom session tomorrow inspite of it being a Public Holiday; shows how keen we are!
It’s now 11.30pm and no wonder I’m nodding off; still quite warm and humid.

Time to hit the hay
Good Health wine wine

Jaxjacky Mon 25-Jan-21 13:13:34

Hi Rufus, apologies but not fond of Man U, no real logic except 1) people ‘support’ them, not their local team(s) because their week known and 2) they always seemed to get favours, like Fergie time, however they are doing well after a stuttering start,. Lampard has been sacked as Chelsea manager, goodness knows why.
We have sunshine today, still cold, then tomorrow the dull, showery weather descends for a few days, reflecting the mood of many.
Enjoy your rain tomorrow.
Stay safe 🥂

Jane10 Mon 25-Jan-21 15:39:33

I'm sure you're in the land of nod by now Rufus2 but in response to your comments. Baz (our Maine Coon) is a timid old boy and would the bagpipes. Luckily, as I'm from a piping family, I know they shouldn't be played indoors and we live in a flat and he's an indoor cat. Panic over.
Cranachan is a delicious dessert made of lightly whipped cream with toasted oatmeal and raspberries through it. It's sort of lemony too. Lovely once a year.
Back to 'auld claes and parritch' the noo.

rafichagran Mon 25-Jan-21 18:12:50

Evening Rufus that 30 degrees sounds wonderful at the moment.