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Is it me or has a discussion disappeared?

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Megs36 Mon 25-Jan-21 18:42:15

Where has a Welcome to a poster gone? Lots of comments and chats.

Marydoll Mon 25-Jan-21 19:44:57

I had a look, Megs, the last time anything was posted in that vein was in December. It has just dropped off the active list.
If you remember the exact title of the thread, you can do a search on Google.

welbeck Mon 25-Jan-21 19:50:36

don't need exact title. try a few key words. try this ?

Marydoll Mon 25-Jan-21 19:52:29

If type in a few key words, you get a multitude of GN threads with Welcome in the title.

welbeck Mon 25-Jan-21 20:08:13

well i just put in 3 words: gransnet welcome new.
the result seems likely.

welbeck Mon 25-Jan-21 20:08:55

that one was the first result.