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time to get back to the U.K.? quick

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infoman Tue 26-Jan-21 05:18:38

If our leaders bring in the new rule that you must self isolate for a period time,at you own expense.
Where ever your arrival point is,
I don't think the accomodation will be cheap.

BlueBelle Tue 26-Jan-21 06:26:00

It has cost $3000 to quarantine in NZ since the closed the borders last year so no of course it won’t be cheap but it does need doingbif we ever want to get out of this

GagaJo Tue 26-Jan-21 07:01:36

I agree to the need for it EVEN THOUGH it is going to hit me hard when I return to the UK in the summer.

Although to be honest, given that the UK rates are just about the worst there are in the world, seems a bit late to me.

EllanVannin Tue 26-Jan-21 07:20:18

If the quarantining involves having been working abroad then the cost should be low or even waived altogether, but if it's been a pleasure-only holiday then charges should be made.

If a person/s can go to Mexico/ Brazil/ South Africa etc. then obviously they can afford to pay up when it comes to staying in quarantine. Most people surely would afford this payment as you'd make allowances for having funds in place in the event of any mishaps abroad.

Grannynannywanny Tue 26-Jan-21 07:37:45

I read on the BBC news that it would be at the traveller’s expense but the cost would be waived if they can prove they can’t afford to pay.

I wonder how the quarantine period is supervised and who does that job? Will a guest be challenged if they decide to slip outside for whatever reason?

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 26-Jan-21 07:46:33

‘We are very good at holding enquiries’

What wonderful news this morning!! , don’t know the chaps name as I came in to his interview half way through, on BBC he is still talking.......

When asked why we didn’t close our borders like Australia did, he said that the variants were already here ( oh the irony! Obviously they were here because of travellers) and not to worry there will be enquiries about all of this after we were in a better position , apparently we are very good at holding enquiries.

Australia’s total deaths were only a few thousand more than our worst day in January. Because they closed their borders.

If so many tens of thousands hadn’t died due to our borders not closing it would be laughable. As it is , it’s tragic.

EkwaNimitee Tue 26-Jan-21 08:19:55

Oopsadaisy1 I listened to the same chap. Your comments are spot on. I know the UK is a far bigger travel hub than Australia so we have a bigger problem but borders should have been closed last spring. As I have been rumbling about since last spring! DS2 and family in Sydney are now leading much freer lives than me.

BlueSky Tue 26-Jan-21 08:58:00

It’s too easy to compare countries like Australia and New Zealand, you must compare like with like. Can you imagine if we closed borders early last year? There would have been anarchy!

Oldbat1 Tue 26-Jan-21 11:25:21

As a country which is allegedly “world beating” at so many different things (according to the Tories that is) we have totally failed big time. Too little too late. People are still going away on holiday and returning without following proper isolation procedures. Rules and regulations are just not followed.

paddyanne Tue 26-Jan-21 11:48:01

most folk I know wanted the Scottish border closed last year ,we were doing really well with no deaths for over two months until the influx of campervans .According to the great commander in chief clown Mr BOJO there IS no border ,he may find out differently soon !

eazybee Tue 26-Jan-21 13:41:57

Going to build a wall, are you dear?

nanna8 Tue 26-Jan-21 23:25:14

They close borders at the drop of a hat here, just one case will do it. It causes chaos of course with queuing at the check points whilst they check people etc. because sometimes but not always, they let people in if they are residents. They had to bring in special rules and bubbles for people who live within a few kms of the borders because people couldn’t get to work. Hate to say it but it does seem to work despite the total inconvenience. Most of us have accepted it.

welbeck Tue 26-Jan-21 23:33:00

there would have to be security guards to stop people leaving. they would not even be allowed to leave their room. sheets, towels, food left outside by staff who immediately retreat.
of course the security guards would have to resist consorting with the inmates, as happened in ? Melbourne. which spread the virus further.

nanna8 Wed 27-Jan-21 00:01:55

They now use properly trained people and police for security guards in Melbourne . It was an absolute fiasco the first time around and the government was almost toppled because of the outcry. They were hired, basically, because they were supposed to be indigenous and it was a political statement on behalf of our left wing state government. They weren’t actually indigenous people at all. Now they are super careful and won’t even let people out for exercise. Nightmare scenario and it would put people off travelling anywhere anytime soon.