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Watch out for this O2 scam text

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Grannynannywanny Tue 26-Jan-21 20:34:56

I received a suspicious looking text this evening stating my O2 plan had failed. A link was provided for me to click on to rectify it( which I didn’t do)

It looked suspicious as I noticed when it popped up on my phone screen it came from a phone number. I usually receive a text stating my monthly bill is ready to view and that text is normally clearly headed O2UK. I’ve attached a screen shot of the text.

Pittcity Tue 26-Jan-21 20:38:07

DH got the same text purporting to be from EE. He is not with EE!

Grannynannywanny Tue 26-Jan-21 20:46:25

I am with O2 so they got that part right. It was the fact it was sent from a phone number which alerted my attention.

MiniMoon Tue 26-Jan-21 20:57:07

I had one supposedly from Vodafone last week. I do not have an account with them.

janeainsworth Tue 26-Jan-21 21:03:14

I got the same one claiming to be from EE today.
I almost fell for it because my bill is paid around 22nd of the month.
Checked my account and it had been paid ok.
I contacted EE on Twitter and they gave me a number to forward the message to so they can investigate.

Grandmabatty Tue 26-Jan-21 21:16:46

I have had that O2 text twice. It's such an obvious scam because of the actual phone number. I've reported and blocked. Lots of these going about

Grannynannywanny Tue 26-Jan-21 21:26:41

janeainsworth I don’t know if it’s coincidence but my O2 bill was due today. I’ve checked and there’s nothing untoward on my O2 account or bank account.

I’ve forwarded it to the O2 spam alert number 7726 and blocked the number. Not that blocking the number is fool proof as they come back again with another number.

They really are the lowest of the low hoping to catch someone vulnerable with their guard down.

janeainsworth Tue 26-Jan-21 22:02:48

That was the same number I was given Granny, makes sense I suppose for all the companies to have a joint effort.