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I miss posts about...

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CanadianGran Thu 28-Jan-21 06:17:44

arguments splitting tips when friends go out.
children running around restaurants and parents ignoring
people with too much hand luggage on planes

What posts do you miss?

Witzend Thu 28-Jan-21 10:04:17

On the same lines, moans about less than proficient swimmers clogging up the fast lane when there’s a perfectly good slow lane for them to use.

Sarnia Thu 28-Jan-21 10:10:19

Yes, Witzend. My local pool (a dim, distant memory) had to reorganise the pool lanes and put a member of staff on duty as well as the lifeguard to make sure the doggy paddle splashers were in their proper place. smile

Witzend Thu 28-Jan-21 12:59:18

I never used the fast lane anyway, but what bothered me was pairs of women (always women I’m afraid) standing nattering at the shallow end of the slow lane, so blocking me from reaching the end and a swift turnaround - when there was a large area of the pool reserved for doing whatever you like - including nattering at the shallow end. 🤬

MattJo Thu 28-Jan-21 14:19:42

A little off piste but I couldn't help but smile - when scrolling through the list of posts my attention was caught by "I miss posts about" ... "Fishnet stockings". Well, it tickled me.

Urmstongran Thu 28-Jan-21 14:22:17

Blame Brexit, Covid and the proposed Indy2.
So much going on at present.
These are indeed ‘unprecedented times’.