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We can do this in lock down! Its very cheering!

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Applegran Thu 28-Jan-21 10:39:28

For quite a while now I've got a lot of pleasure through this very simple act - sending a friendly card to a complete stranger and receiving one myself from a different stranger. That's it! But it feels lovely both to send and recieve good will and sometimes inspiring messages. You only have each other's first names and their addresses - and I've never had more than a heart warming card from the senders. This is all made possible by Kindness By Post (a registered charity) and they are just signing people up to send Valentine cards - not about romance, just kindness. I wonder if others on GN will want to do this too? Here is a link

vampirequeen Thu 28-Jan-21 15:36:38

I didn't know about this but we've been doing something similar with a child for the last few months. You can get cheap postcards from online card sites.

It's a lovely way to lift their day.

fevertree Thu 28-Jan-21 15:53:11

I've had lots of fun during lockdown with similar initiatives and/or local places:

I took part in a book swap at Christmas with a complete stranger (got involved via Twitter) was sent a great book plus chocolates; am currently involved in a Secret Valentine (like Santa but in February via a local craft group that I belong to online); today I took some plants - babies of my house plants - to a local deli and takeaway to donate them because the owner sells a small selection of plants as well as food - she insisted that I take cake in exchange! No contest there.

Then when I was walking home I returned a book to the library which is currently only open for 'click and collect'. A staff member was at the door but no one else around. I greeted him and said Drat, I forgot to do click and collect this week ; and he replied No problem, I've put a selection of books in the window if you walk along and point I shall bring it to you. Made my day. smile

I post something (a card, a letter, a gift, sweets) to my grandson every week, he is 6, and I get a video message in return.