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Scam Amazon email

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Oldwoman70 Sun 31-Jan-21 13:09:58

Just received an email claiming I can no longer use my Amazon account and to click on the link to re-enter my details. I make a habit of checking the email address before responding to any emails and the spelling in the address is ""

infoman Sun 31-Jan-21 16:45:42

Keep those scam e-mail notifications and phone scams coming.
I appreciate being notified of them

Whingingmom Sun 31-Jan-21 17:08:55

Thanks for letting us know - it’s so easy to get taken in by these.

Kim19 Sun 31-Jan-21 18:01:41

Thank you, OW70. Always need all the help I can get. I've reason to be very grateful to one of the contributors on here. I had responded to a scam and she put me wise. Quickly got in touch with my bank and they sorted everything out but I suspect I might have paid dearly for my ignorance.

Shirlb Sun 31-Jan-21 18:37:35

Had that one a few times now !