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polomint Sun 31-Jan-21 13:32:21

Hello. I have been reading on the forums some lovely threads and conversations. With this lockdown I have been indoors most of the time since march. I look forward to joining and hope everyone is safe and well. I hope this manages to post ok as I'm not sure how it all really works

Aldom Sun 31-Jan-21 13:39:44

Hi Polomint. What part of the country do you live. I'm guessing you're in the UK as you say you've been in lockdown since March. Lockdown is beginning to drag now isn't it. I'm looking forward to the spring. Welcome to GN flowers

Ro60 Sun 31-Jan-21 13:43:19

Hi! Welcome! I'm fairly new myself too. You've managed a post so you're off the blocks.
GN is a life line - like a girls night out for me.
I'm still finding my way around. Maybe some others will add some tips.
Look forward to seeing you on some of the threads.

polomint Sun 31-Jan-21 17:25:47

Thank you both. Yes I'm just beginning to find my way around. Being a weekend, I'm not sure which chats are active but no doubt, I'll poke my nose in somewhere... probably where it's not wanted! I forgot to say that I'm 75, married with grown up children and I live in central scotland

Urmstongran Sun 31-Jan-21 17:41:10

Welcome to you polomint. Be very careful.
GN can be addictive ...

sodapop Sun 31-Jan-21 17:44:05

Hi polomint welcome to GN always good to hear from new posters.

Alishka Sun 31-Jan-21 17:44:40

Hiya! I'm 75 too, widowed,live in the Midlands, with a son and his family in the USA. And, like you, I've been in lockdown since last March.
I'll look out for you over the Boards - think we've been here for a similar amount of time smile

LauraNorder Sun 31-Jan-21 17:50:30

Welcome polomint, a great name choice, always welcome and refreshing.
There’s a lovely good morning thread, soops welcoming kitchen and the Argy for a boozy night out on a Friday.
If you’re a bit feisty and thick skinned the news and politics threads can be interesting.
There’s lots in between.
Whatever your thing, I hope to see you posting and enjoying.

Sparklefizz Sun 31-Jan-21 17:54:01

Welcome polomint The Good Morning thread is a great place to start and always very friendly.

polomint Sun 31-Jan-21 18:05:02

Thank you. I will pop into forums you recommended

Jaxjacky Sun 31-Jan-21 18:20:42

Welcome polomint and Ro60 as others have said, this is generally a good place for company and chat, you’ll learn your preferred subjects and it can be addictive!

silverlining48 Sun 31-Jan-21 18:25:53

Hello Polomint. This can be a bit addictive so take care, but join in anywhere on the active posts, of start a new post, you are very welcome.

Blossoming Sun 31-Jan-21 18:32:02

Hello Polomint 🙂