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So annoyed with myself

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AliceJane Sun 31-Jan-21 20:40:16

Just fell asleep in my chair holding my kindle. I do this quite often and it's always fine. Unfortunately this time my phone rang and I got such a fright I pretty much launched it across the room. It landed on hard wood flooring and now the screen is completely knackered, grrrrrrrr! angry

It's not worth the money for a repair so I guess I'm ordering another one (with a case this time). Stupid fool, don't know why I never put one on in the first place!!!

Sorry, just needed somewhere to share my frustration. Guess I'll turn this post into a question to give you something to reply to.

Who else has fallen asleep holding something like this?

cornishpatsy Sun 31-Jan-21 20:43:14

Not the same the same, however I have broken 3 phones by them falling into the toilet from my back pocket.

crazyH Sun 31-Jan-21 20:48:08

Snap - I was on my side, reading my iPad in bed......dozed off, iPad fell down on hard flooring, screen shattered. Tried to claim on household insurance but the excess on my policy was £250 (yes I know, chose higher excess for lower premium) ......the new iPad cost me £325 so decided not to claim. I could have repaired the old one at a cost of about £100, but I didn’t think it was worth it. It was about 10 years old anyway.

Harris27 Sun 31-Jan-21 20:49:58

I’m just clumsy it fell off the chair once while I was watching tv.

TrendyNannie6 Sun 31-Jan-21 20:56:40

Yes, I’ve done it twice with iPad and a phone, both with no covers on, I didn’t fall asleep though, both fell on laminate! Won’t do that again, both on top of a cushion when I got up to answer the door, what a racket they made too hitting the floor,

Blossoming Sun 31-Jan-21 20:58:29

I dropped this iPad and it hit a wooden floor edge on. The screen didn’t break but it began to come loose and wasn’t working properly. I bought a cheap heavy duty case on Amazon, fitted it and my iPad is once again working perfectly. The case is holding the screen in place.

Deedaa Sun 31-Jan-21 21:04:40

I had a Kobo which regularly used to fall off the bed when I fell asleep. It lasted through some fairly spectacular falls but packed up in the end.

PECS Sun 31-Jan-21 21:07:57

Not me but DH has dropped both his phone and his spectacles in the garden pond! grin

aggie Sun 31-Jan-21 21:09:04

I managed to crack the screen cover on my iPhone by sitting on it !

Chewbacca Sun 31-Jan-21 21:10:43

I feel your pain AliceJane; I've twice gone out for a long walk, with my mobile stuffed into the back pocket of my jeans; got home and immediately taken the muddy jeans off and stuffed them straight into the washing machine. With the mobile phone still in the back pocket. sadangry

Callistemon Sun 31-Jan-21 21:19:03

Yes, my Kindle has fallen on the floor but on to a carpet.

I knocked a full cup of hot coffee over today so spent some time cleaning the table, floor, wall, chair, washing chair cushion and various towels - and hoping it hadn't soaked into my tablet. It seems ok so far.

Jaxjacky Sun 31-Jan-21 21:28:49

cornishpasty I did that once, never again!
Both our iPads and phones have covers and we have carpets, which helps. I’ve never fallen asleep in a chair, DH does, I sometimes wish I could, might make it easier to sleep on planes too.

AliceJane Sun 31-Jan-21 21:34:33


Not the same the same, however I have broken 3 phones by them falling into the toilet from my back pocket.

I can relate. I've dropped my electric toothbrush in the toilet before. Toilet seat is always shut now after use grin

Lucca Sun 31-Jan-21 21:39:38

Not broken I pad but I did leave one on the plane in the seat pocket thing.......never got it back ...grrrrr!

Grannynannywanny Sun 31-Jan-21 21:40:36

I chipped the corner of my phone when I dropped it on a country walk. Thankfully the screen escaped damage and it’s all still working.

This morning I was drinking a cup of coffee while getting dressed. I had just opened the top drawer to get some underwear when my phone rang. I put down the mug of coffee, lifted the phone and knocked the mug of coffee over all in one swift manoeuvre.

The coffee ran into the open drawer and soaked every pair of knickers I own. Fortunately I had already lifted a pair out seconds before the phone rang.

EllanVannin Sun 31-Jan-21 21:42:31

My specs have been down the toilet a few times---water only.

muse Sun 31-Jan-21 21:49:43

Dropped one iphone down a toilet (back pocket)
Dropped another down our wooden stair case - one crack
Dropped it down the stairs again and this time it landed on the tiled floor. Even more cracks.

Ro60 Sun 31-Jan-21 21:54:54

Oh AliceJane I feel for you😩 I hate being without my kindle. Now on my 3rd 😨 1: stole in house burglary 2: just stopped working.

Falling asleep in a chair: only thing that fell - was myself! In a hospital chair at my DDs bedside (she's fine now) - slid clean off it and some how woke up in a daze on my feet 😂😂

Chewbacca Sun 31-Jan-21 21:58:30

I've had a bit of a success with rescuing a phone that slipped off the draining board into a washing up bowl of water. I quickly took the back off the phone and put the whole lot into a bag of rice for 24 hours. The rice absorbed the moisture and the phone worked ok, but the screen was a bit patchy. Silica gel works well too.

grannyrebel7 Sun 31-Jan-21 22:09:06

Visiting Chepstow Castle I was approached by two girls who asked me to take a photo of them. I was happy to oblige but when I was handing the phone back to one of the girls I dropped it! The screen cracked and suffice it to say she was not happy. I have vowed never to take anyone's photo with a stranger's phone ever again! It was a lovely photo btw smile

Grandma11 Sun 31-Jan-21 22:11:58

I have picked up a good few tips from watching my Grandchildren with their various phones and I-pads!
Before they are allowed to use them, fresh out of the box, My daughter fits one of the very thin Screen protectors to the original screen. If dropped or damaged, it’s usually the saver that cracks and not the original screen. The saver can be easily removed and a new one fitted, saving a lot of money on a repair or replacement of the Device.
Secondly, she fits one of the brightly coloured rubbery Jelly type protector cases, the ones that mould to the specific model of device that they are made for, with well padded corners for extra protection on impact if dropped or they fall off a shelf in the hands of a distracted Child! Thankfully, this has saved her a small fortune, many drops and even a few slips and the odd kicking, and their devices have all remained intact!
My own Phone has got damage to the corners of the screen protector, and a hairline crack in it, but the original phone screen is undamaged and still works like new.

geekesse Sun 31-Jan-21 22:51:01

Not electronic but expensive....

I had a new gold wristwatch, bought with an inheritance. During the first wave of Covid, I had to take my temperature each day before work. As I was shaking the old-style mercury thermometer down, the bulb snapped off, spraying mercury up my arm. The repairs to the watch (thankfully insured) cost almost as much as the watch had cost new a few weeks before. Mercury dissolves gold, and it had eaten away large areas of the new strap, bezel, crown and case.

I now have a digital thermometer!

grandmajet Sun 31-Jan-21 22:57:03

Jaxjacky/Lucca, what is a plane!!