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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 03-Feb-21 12:27:04

Jaxjacky I’m so sorry for you! Man. U not your favourite team before and even less now! Plus 2 red cards! That’s even worse than GN “message deleted” cards!
What went wrong? Never mind; there’s always next season which could even be Covid-free!
Perhaps we should talk about Gaelic football: any winning teams we could support! ?
How about lawn bowls? I used to be pretty good at that, as a cupboard full of prizes, mainly made of glass, some with a handle, would testify.
Not many left these days at the rate I’m knocking them over! blush

keepingquiet Welcome! Are you in OZ? Perth now has the same problem as Victoria 12 months ago with bush-fires so its Covid problems are taking a back seat just now! Must be terrifying living under those conditions; even without fires the constant threat when the wind and/or the temperature start to rise can’t be good for the nerves!

Megs they are positively scary with words alone Not to mention barbed tongues! For some reason my imagination always conjures up images of Taggart in unlit railway underpasses!
Not long ago some lady posters were. questioning what Grandads could see in predominantly female threads, when the answer is plain for all to see. As Frankie sang “I find it all so amusing!”

Lots of experts are constantly talking about rolling out the vaccine, but I’m confused about which is the preferred one, who gets it and when
Many eminent persons are being shown on TV being jabbed so I guess they are designated “essential”, such as pollies!

Some areas of life, as we used to know it, are slowly returning such as our school for us keen students with computers appropriately “socially distanced” I guess they get wiped down at the end of each class.
Nervous types like me, are keeping Zoom classes going; much more relaxed with informal dress codes and nobody to criticise the wearing of shorts over Lycra!. tights!

I see poor old Sir Tom finally succumbed; I’m no medical expert, but as soon they mentioned pneumonia that was it! Not a bad age.

Believe it or not, we are promised 35C again tomorrow after a week of 6C below average, but then (badly needed rain) on Sunday. Like some people, it blows hot and cold!

Normally I don’t favour discussing medical matters on threads; that’s for the medicos and the reason I avoid certain doom and gloom threads.
Covid being an exception with its social implications, but I must tell you my vascular surgeon has approved the resumption of nurse home visits. Who knows?; I might meet up with Nurse Jacqui again! Unless she’s put a block on my file! hmm
Can’t believe another year has slipped by since I had 4 nurses attending. last Valentines Day before shipping me off to hospital for a week’s R&R.

Must away to see how the bunfights are progressing.
Incidentally Megs I see you are up to 4 glasses; Must have been a hard day1 confused

Cheers wine wine wine

Megs36 Wed 03-Feb-21 15:25:33

Sounds like you are getting good service regarding nurse visits, is that what we used to callDistrict Nurse? Hope it’s not history repeating itself regarding last year’s hospital admittance though. The possibility of meeting up with Nurse Jacqui again should put a spring in your step. 😀😀 I do hope all is well, do as you’re told,keep calm.
The bun fights continue , I must sayI can’t be bothered to read them much, frightened to have an opinion knowing where that got me before.
Regarding 4 glasses , heh,heh,heh 🤪🤪
Still can’t do Zoom but now have Portal ( present from grandson) which shows whole room when talking so have to tidy up before chatting !!!! Still not actually physically seeing anyone but almost as good.
Cheers, take care

Jaxjacky Wed 03-Feb-21 15:41:54

Hi Rufus, at least Leeds won at the weekend,but, no excuses, disgraceful. My husband used to play bowls in Belfast, he sometimes watches it on TV when there’s no football, or Rugby, of which 6 nations starts this weekend. I don’t mind Zoom, or FaceTime, useful tools, as you say as long as the neck up looks tidyish! Nurses at home, you are special 🙂
I see a lot of the Australian Open participants are having to take precautions after a Covid case at their hotel. I expect this kind of occurrence to be ongoing for a while.
Take care 🥂