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Woolovers long cardigan

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Sarah48 Sat 20-Feb-21 18:24:04

Does anyone have this Woolovers long cardigan in a greyish colour? I’m tempted to buy it, but there are 3 neutral / greyish colours and I can’t decide between them. I like a more modern look. Veering towards the grey marl.

Nicegranny Sat 20-Feb-21 18:39:08

I live in cashmere l even wear a thin grey cashmere woolly to bed. I like the grey because it goes with most colours and it looks so soft.
My daughter has given me a few pieces of cashmere for birthday and Christmas over the years and when I take a nap I snuggle myself up in a cashmere wool mix wrap, it’s heaven.
I’ve even been known to take other people’s cast off cashmere, repaired it and wear it around the house.
A girl can’t have too much of the lovely soft feeling of wearing cashmere. Treat yourself wash it with care. 🥰

Sarah48 Sat 20-Feb-21 18:48:40

I’m definitely going to treat myself, Nicegranny, just undecided about which colour! Grey marl I think

Nicegranny Sat 20-Feb-21 18:53:37

I like all of the colour choices Sarah l wouldn’t say no to any of them!
I would be so excited waiting for the delivery to arrive and I would have it on my back straight away 😃 they look so cosy 😌x

Sarah48 Sat 20-Feb-21 19:06:49

I’ve got a Discount code too! RDT48

Willow73 Sat 20-Feb-21 19:09:39

Always frightened of the washing and drying of cashmere as it’s so expensive.

Sarah48 Sat 20-Feb-21 19:16:15

Yes, I agree, Willow73 - especially a long cardigan like this - could get a bit droopy? I’m not the best at laundry!

Sarah48 Wed 24-Feb-21 10:44:05

Just to let you know I decided to order this cardigan - in grey marl. Arrived today and it’s brilliant. So soft and warm. Yay!

Blinko Wed 24-Feb-21 10:47:41

Silly Question: is it pronounced Wool lovers, or Wool overs?

grannysyb Wed 24-Feb-21 11:00:43

DH bought it for me at Christmas, cosy, washes well, but bubbling a bit on the sleeves.

Sarah48 Wed 24-Feb-21 14:33:05


Silly Question: is it pronounced Wool lovers, or Wool overs?

In my head I say wool - overs, but now you mention it, I guess logically it would be wool lovers grin. Anyway, I’m well pleased