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granfromafar Wed 24-Feb-21 11:28:14

For those of you who listen to Popmaster every day (Radio 2 Ken Bruce) , this will ring true.
Yesterday, the phone rang just after 10.30. As it was my lovely hairdresser friend ringing to ask if I would like a haircut on April 12th, I forgave the timing of her call.
Today, having got up extra early (7am) for a dishwasher engineer to call 'between 7.30 and 10.30', was relieved when he arrived at 10.15. He carried out the repair in about 20 minutes, then proceeded to explain what he had done, again talking over the first contestant. Really! I know I could listen to it on BBC radio sounds app, but I prefer to listen live. Is it too much to ask?

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 24-Feb-21 11:58:11

No, of course it isn't. I try to get such things organised for 10.45 if at all possible. People who know me mostly remember that I'm 'incommunicado' before then.

Once I had to 'dog sit' for my sister and they put the telly on R2 for me because they knew I liked the quiz. With an unfamiliar remote control (fancy Sky and all that) I accidently pressed the rewind button and was able to replay the first part of the quiz which I'd missed. No such facility at home - being a technophobe I don't want to have to get used to new stuff if I can avoid it.

I wouldn't dare go on it though, would you?

granfromafar Wed 24-Feb-21 13:10:07

In a rash moment about 3 years ago , I phoned up and did get on. Completely went to pieces and only managed to score 9 ( one bonus question) . I do much better at home of course. Am the proud owner of a lovely t-shirt though!

GrannyGravy13 Wed 24-Feb-21 13:19:48

Have been known to time popping out in the car to coincide with pop master, I sit in the car park and listen in peace 🤫

sodapop Wed 24-Feb-21 13:30:51

I know quite a few people who used to sit in their cars listening to Terry Wogan's Janet & John stories as well GrannyGravy13

muse Wed 24-Feb-21 13:47:29

Well done granfromafar. I got the one year out t-shirt the other day! (figuratively speaking wink)

Got 3 in 10 a while back but it was for a band I know very well. Even then I only just made it.

I'm useless with anything past 2000 though.

Keep going Ken thanks

Soroptimum Wed 24-Feb-21 13:54:29

PopMaster addict here! My morning is based around it, I’m afraid. I record all my scores on a special pad, and they can be anything between 3 and 27. Depending on the bonus questions of course! Usually quite good with 60s, 70s, but 2000 onwards forget it!!

Aveline Wed 24-Feb-21 14:42:19

sodapop- Ah Terry. How he helped my commute to work. The Janet and John stories were unmissable!

FannyCornforth Wed 24-Feb-21 14:56:04

It's an outrage and a travesty that Ken doesn't have the Breakfast Show.
It's obvious that he is the best man for the job by a mile, but he is just too 'male, stale and pale'.

sodapop Wed 24-Feb-21 16:02:04

Yes Aveline my children were brought up with Terry, always on the radio on the school run. He was a one off.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 25-Feb-21 14:32:00

I'd be willing to do the breakfast show Fanny and I'd be only a fraction of the cost of the present incumbent. Think of the money the BBC would save!

FannyCornforth Thu 25-Feb-21 15:28:00

I can pretty much guarantee that you'd improve upon the listenership too cardigans

chocolatepudding Thu 25-Feb-21 15:55:42

Nearly 40 years ago I was listening to our local radio station which was offering two pairs of ticket to see John Williams the guitarist playing at a local theatre. You had to identify a piece of classical music - and I guessed correctly that it was the Lark Ascending from Vivaldi's Four Seasons - this was before this piece was played everywhere.
I won a pair of tickets and we had a wonderful time at the concert and met John Williams afterwards. He had given the seats nearest to the stage to the local Education department for 20 guitar pupils to watch him play.

SpringyChicken Thu 25-Feb-21 18:45:33

I don't answer the phone if it rings at an inconvenient time.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Fri 26-Feb-21 11:39:08

Thank you Fanny but in reality I bet it's a lot more difficult than it sounds.

Bridie22 Fri 26-Feb-21 13:16:54

Pop master fan also, but thinking of asking Ken to extend the answer time....i usually know the answer, just need a bit longer for the cogs to work.!!!😄

granfromafar Fri 26-Feb-21 14:16:39

Bridie22- yes, I think we'd all get more correct answers if we had longer to think about it!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 01-Mar-21 14:55:51

I write down my results too Soroptimum, I think that officially makes us 'nerds'.