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Grayson Perry and Twiggy on Podcast

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Judy54 Wed 24-Feb-21 16:36:12

Apparently Grayson Perry the Artist and Twiggy, the former model had a discussion on podcast about how people spend their money. Allegedly Grayson Perry said that the working classes spend theirs on hair, make up, clothes, cars and tattoos and the middle classes on their homes, where they leave the curtains open so that people can see their kitchen island. Well I definitely spend money on my hair, make up and clothes but not on cars and absolutely not on tattoos! Myself and Mr J have also spent money on our home but don't leave the curtains open for people to view our kitchen island because we don't have one.

How do you like to spend your money and why?

Megs36 Wed 24-Feb-21 16:49:12

Very generalised, a few friends and I agreewearenot spending much during this strange time ! Never been so well off🙄

Galaxy Wed 24-Feb-21 16:50:11

I aspire to a kitchen island. smile

JaneJudge Wed 24-Feb-21 16:54:26

we have a kitchen island, it's called a table

NotSpaghetti Wed 24-Feb-21 16:54:52

It wasn't really as direct at that and it was about 2 mins of a nearly hour podcast:

I mostly spend money on food to be honest, perfume occasionally and now and again a really beautifully designed something.

NellG Wed 24-Feb-21 17:01:19

Will everybody think I'm even more of a PITA if I confess that I have a kitchen island? But to compensate I have blinds and an overgrown pyracantha so no one can see it from outside - which is a good job because it's a ruddy dumping ground.

NotSpaghetti Wed 24-Feb-21 17:44:07

The Grason Perry thing came out of his "lecture" tour where he was looking at society and culture.

He asked people to vote on whether things were more Tory or Labour. Apparently the audiences thought kitchen islands are Tory but collecting vinyl and camper vans are Labour.

Obviously this is not really research though as his audience must be self-selecting!

Galaxy Wed 24-Feb-21 18:08:10

Have you seen the price of camper vans!

JaneJudge Wed 24-Feb-21 18:24:35

I do have loads of old vinyl which I used to buy from the plastic factory in Birmingham and I think some of them might be worth some money...not enough to buy a campervan though

threexnanny Wed 24-Feb-21 19:26:56

What I would like to spend my money on are holidays and haircuts, but at the moment it is on the home and basic day to day stuff. Apart from that it would be books and craft materials.