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Suggestions needed for light convalescent vegetarian diet.

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Katek Thu 25-Feb-21 08:44:25

Help, you fantastic cooks on GN! I just haven’t got my appetite back at all post surgery. Dh is doing sterling work in the kitchen in keeping us fed, but his style of cooking tends towards the vat of curry, casseroles, chunky soups and chips! I’m struggling to work up an interest/appetite in our evening meals. I had small portion of mac/cheese last night and felt really off/squeamish all evening. Oddly enough I much prefer cold food atm, no idea why, and my go to is pasta salad with pine nuts, pesto and spinach.

All/any vegetarian suggestions appreciated. I’m not vegan so that widens the options - I hope!

Grandmadinosaur Thu 25-Feb-21 09:24:09

How about omelettes or chunky type tortillas that are filling you can have a portion as big or small as appetite desires and can also be served hot or cold.

BlueBelle Thu 25-Feb-21 09:31:37

My kids make fun of me as they always remember their childhood illnesses as chicken noodle soup and lucozade

How about a nice thin vegi soup with crusty bread umm feel hungry fir that myself

Madgran77 Thu 25-Feb-21 09:51:35

Packet of Merchant Venice microwaveable tomatoey grains or any of the other variations depending on taste. 2 large mushrooms Scoop out mushroom centre and mince/chop that and stalk. Mix with grains. Mix in herbs and seasoning to taste (or, stir though a tablespoon of garlic and herb cream cheese) Stuff mushrooms with filling. Put on foil lined baking tray and bake in over 170 degrees for 30 minutes. Eat with vegetables or a salad. Very nice!

You could have half of cooked mushroom and eat remainder cold next day (still nice) or warm gently for 10 minutes in the oven)

Redhead56 Thu 25-Feb-21 10:07:17

A thin soup will wet the appetite better than a thick one. Blitzed french onion soup. Tomato soup with some thin pasta running through it. Miso noodle soup very quick to make with vermicelli rice noodles.
Little cigars made with layers of filo are easy to make filled with spinach and feta brushed with melted spread or butter and baked. Very tasty houmous with fresh raw peppers carrots celery crusty bread. I make this a simple meal. I blitze beetroot or carrot and red peppers to add extra flavour. A light salad with mixed leaves fine red onion beetroot grated carrot and feta sprinkle dressed with olive oil and balsamic.
I am not a vegetarian but eat a lot of meat free meals for health reasons. I like cold foods too so I eat a lot of salads. Jamie Oliver does some really nice simple chopped salads with tasty dressings.

Peasblossom Thu 25-Feb-21 10:16:49

Joe Wicks has got some really tasty, quick and easy veggie recipes. You can buy his book or get some of them on his website. Well worth the extra effort of doing something different.

Peasblossom Thu 25-Feb-21 10:17:39

I mean their quite light and easy to digest. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of recipes 😬

Peasblossom Thu 25-Feb-21 10:18:16


Oh dear...

Lillie Thu 25-Feb-21 10:26:02

I agree, try Joe Wicks.

Shandy57 Thu 25-Feb-21 10:27:35

How about wraps with halloumi and peppers, or quorn fajiita strips? Or a stuffed pepper? My daughter always liked this when she wasn't feeling 100%. Thai green curry with paneer, chick pea curry, mash and baked beans, were also favourites,

Blossoming Thu 25-Feb-21 10:34:24

Smoothies can be made with fruit or veg and would be a cold alternative to soup.

Hetty58 Thu 25-Feb-21 10:41:02

Eggs aren't vegetarian! I'd have a series of small meals or snacks (instead of dinners) and avoid anything greasy. Taifun smoked tofu with sesame seeds is nice, hot or cold, with salads or veg. I like red pepper strips, cucumber etc. with home made hummus:

Ro60 Thu 25-Feb-21 10:45:48

Cheese souffle & light side salad.

When I was recovering last year (suspected covid) lived on marmite drinks & finally marmite sandwiches on white bread.
Best wishes for your recovery.

Alexa Thu 25-Feb-21 11:00:55

Oatmeal porridge.

Tins of creamed rice , custard , or semolina.

Small helpings and frequent feeds.

One scrambled egg.

Soft pasta with a very small amount of cheese or butter .

Peeled grated apple.

Small amount of spinach.

Marmite drink.

Ovaltine made with milk and no sugar.

Small helping of lettuce and tomato reduced sugar in the dressing.

Katek Thu 25-Feb-21 11:47:49

Lots of lovely suggestions here, thank you. I think I may have felt the first faint stirrings of an appetite! 😀

Missfoodlove Thu 25-Feb-21 13:27:01

A goodie plate is what poorly people get in our household.
Veg sticks with hummus, boiled egg, brown bread and butter, prawns, melon and cheese cubes etc.

Always a hit.